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Small Penis apology to all women

So I was sharing some e-mails with my sissy cuckold about his tiny situation a couple weeks ago. He was talking about how sorry he was about his penis being so small. So we came up with an idea for him to write an apology. A small penis apology that is, to all the women he has ever shown his penis to or had any sort of sexual interaction with

Years of pretending to be a real man

He apologized for ever pretending to be a real man that could satisfy a woman. He knew then he was not a stud with a large cock but he still tried to get into women’s panties. Ha that’s funny because now his small penis is in panties every day! He Apologized for having a large body with such a small penis (clitty) actually. Ladies I am sure you can relate a tall man good looking and thinking hmmm lets give him a chance only to find out the cock does not match the body type!

Small penis cant satisfy any woman

He also apologized for his small penis being inadequate to give a woman what she deserves, which is an amazing orgasm. He understands now that all those years of trying to please his sexual partners just were futile and silly. He apologized for thinking he was worthy of cumming even though he never truly made any woman come with his tiny dick.

Making amends for years of being inadequate

As a way for this sissy cuckold to make amends to all those women he has committed himself to the following things. He will never attempt to put hit tiny penis inside of a pussy again. He has committed to being locked in chastity and has given up his right to cum like real men do whenever they want. He will wear as much feminine attire as he can, when he can so that anyone looking at him would know his sissy cuckold tiny penis place.

small penis

Enjoy the following audio recording of me reading his apology that he sent me


17 comments to Small Penis apology to all women

  • W

    Wow sad tale. But makes some of us realize how blessed we are, lol.

  • It’s funny how many SPH-havers in My acquaintance didn’t know before I told them that just because they “never said [they] had a big cock”, it didn’t mean they were any less dishonest with the women they’ve bamboozled into bed. A lie of omission (*failing* to tell a woman you have a tiny penis as much as telling her you have a big cock when you don’t) is still a lie.

    I hope this letter and the new parameters for character building your sissy cuckold plans to adhere to will give him peace of mind, and save a lot of women from mental trauma.

  • cuckie

    I hope that my recognition of, apology for, and efforts to make amends helps to set right my having a tiny clitty/dicklet. I am indeed sorry for all the women that i disappointed.

  • mike

    This is an interesting post. It is hard to admit that I have long fantasized about being made to apologize to a woman about this. I know that as a little guy you become very self focused. You worry about yourself – how big you are, what you look like, etc etc. And it is true – even if you don’t say “I’m big” you definately do not tell the truth and I expect it is misleading. It just feels near impossible to tell a woman honestly up front. But yes I realize then it is not honest. I have long known this and the moral part of me wants to be forced to or made to apologize. I also want her to make me go over the apology repeatedly – not sure why that is maybe to match the numbers of times dishonest.

  • Petey cream puff

    Don’t be sorry. That’s hot how mistress has you dressed as a girl and in chastity. Women are the powerful sex and we are the weaker sex. Trust me cockie Ms Cindy/MsAudrey/MsDelia/Ms Alyssa/Ms Olivia/Ms Mandy have turned me into their cream puff sissy girl by having me dressed as one taking away my masculinity. I haveg girlish figure/d cup breasts/feminine arched eyebrows/wearing only women’s clothes. This is only way I can be with hot women and it’s not about the sex. I’m glad they did this to me. I was always meant to be cream puff sissy girl.

  • bfla

    Wow. Interesting post. It’s hard for me to grasp the concept of apologizing for something over which one has no control. That’s how I look at this. But if it’s part of the fulfillment, excellent. Does make me glad I’m not in that position.

  • lli'l chris

    I’ve felt the need to apologize in advance in some cases, and after-the-fact in others. I mean how embarrassing it must be for a woman when her friends or rivals find out that she let a man so completely inadequate into her panties and bed. That’s after frustrating and disappointing her with my tiny thimble of flesh. It’s truly shameful for me to even be dating.

    • Constance

      I think they deserve an apology after what I saw you have between your legs and trust me unless it is to share and have a good laugh she is certainly not bragging about any sexual intercourse with you lil chris hehehehe

      • li'l chris

        It’s a good thing you had a magnifying glass. There are times I can’t find it myself. And I do apologize for being so inadequate in your presence and pretending to be a man. It’s a shameful charade, a one-inch charade.

  • Alan Marr

    Hello , my name is Alan . I saw your page and I am honestly a true real life sissy cuckold! I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard on your page . My wife has cuckolded me for the past 9 years and we are very happy . I know I cannot satisfy her or any woman with my tiny excuse for a penis. I can prove with videos and photos and my wife would let you know I’m very much telling you the truth. This is awesome . Thanks for being honest about men like me with tiny penises and how the cannot really satisfy women and deserve to be sissy cuckolds !!!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have a tiny penis and i am sorry for it i tell women up front in chat rooms .And i will post on twitter that i will never get pussy again

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