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Random Halloweenie Thoughts

Well what better time to write a random thoughts post than the day before Halloween when there is a crispness in the air and everyone running around in costume….so here ya go enjoy

Why do so many costumes say “Sexy” and they are not really sexy at all instead they are dumb ( my . . . → Read More: Random Halloweenie Thoughts

cross dressers and purging

One thing I have always enjoyed abut my work is allowing my clients to be free. Free with who they are and their kinks. Cross dressers are a group of clients I truly cherish. One thing most every cross dresser faces is purging, I want to help with that so you keep all your . . . → Read More: cross dressers and purging

Ask Mistress your questions my answers

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Here is my weekly post where you sent in the questions and I answer them. You all should know that I have only a few questions left to answer so if you want this blog post to continue send me some questions using my Ask Mistress tab right here on . . . → Read More: Ask Mistress your questions my answers

CockControl what makes you crave it

So I woke up this morning thinking how much I love to be a cock control Mistress and how many guys come to me for it. Than I thought I wonder what it is that makes men crave it? So I am asking all of you what makes you crave CockControl?

When did you . . . → Read More: CockControl what makes you crave it

Small Penis apology to all women

So I was sharing some e-mails with my sissy cuckold about his tiny situation a couple weeks ago. He was talking about how sorry he was about his penis being so small. So we came up with an idea for him to write an apology. A small penis apology that is, to all the women . . . → Read More: Small Penis apology to all women