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BlueBalls Oh How I love to make you ache

Oh it is no secret that I enjoy a man who is super horny for me, and oh yes I even enjoy making him that way with a bit of tease and denial or well just straight up denial. One thing that happens to super horny men as if you didn’t already know is BlueBalls you know that thing where they swell and ache because they are so full of cum…..YUM I love it!

BlueBalls that ache for me

When a pet tells me he is aching for me and that he has BlueBalls for me it send a thrill shiver through me and most times even makes me chuckle a bit. I don’t want you to get it twisted I am not evil but come on what woman doesn’t love to make a man horny for her and ache just a bit?  I know that some of you are saying ache just a bit??? I have not cum in forever your making them ache a lot! Well for you sweet pets GOOD just know I am loving it and you are pleasing me!

Extreme Blue Balls

Yes I have some of you in a place where your BlueBalls and orgasm denial has been happening for so long you are climbing the walls for me. First of all remember you wanted it right? Second Remember I love it. Third Know that at some point you may have the orgasm of your dreams but probably not till you are pushed to your extreme limit hehehe.

Locked Cock

Now for those of you and you know who you are chastity can cause extreme BlueBalls and me locking that cock is on sure fire way to keep those balls of mine full of cum and aching. I have some locked now and some looking to be locked and trust me when I say I love every second of it. I also want to say have no fear if you cant be cock locked for me as long as you remain on my plan and continue to make those balls ache for me I am one hell of a happy Mistress!

BlueBalls make me happy


7 comments to BlueBalls Oh How I love to make you ache

  • bumkin

    Well who doesnt jnow i love having blue balls for you my Queen, but it will be sooo[o much better in chastity! Blue ball chastity…got a lovely ring to it hehehehe

  • Cuckie

    I know tease – deny- chastity and blue balls ooooh so well! And you are the best at it !!!!!

  • bfla

    Blue balls do NOT make for a blue mistress. Lol. I have definitely been in blue ball hell (or is it heaven, or both?) a few times and yes the ache and desire is crazy hot and difficult. No lie on that ending orgasm either. Even just saying blue balls makes me crazed. 🙂

  • Mistress Amber

    I know what you mean, Miss Constance. The power that a Mistress wields to be able to inflict blue balls is definitely right up there with world domination, because a man’s cock is his world and a Mistress should always be dominating! But it’s one thing to tease and ache those balls until they’re climbing the walls. It takes a strong Mistress with an iron will to not give into begging as regular women might. If they’re writhing in pain and leaking on the floor, I’d consider it a success! LOL

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