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Foot job have you ever had one

Today we are talking about pretty feet and the men who love them…..ya that’s YOU I see you getting stiff reading this and hey I encourage you to enjoy my sexy feet. What I would really like to know is have you ever had a foot job?

Foot Jobs are fun

I have given more than a few foot jobs in my life and I always find them fun, they are typically done in a very public place like under a table and such. Nothing is hotter than slipping my foot up between a guys leg and feeling his cock grow and pulse underneath me, of course he is also turning many shades of red and trying to keep his composure as I do this and you all know how much I like to make a man squirm.

Stockings or No for a foot job?

Now when it comes to getting a foot job do you like bare feet or stockings? I personally like them both there are hot aspects to both for instances…..bare feet I get to feel the flesh of that dick on the ball of my foot and tips of my toes….yes with stockings on my feet I can glide them up and down and it creates a sexy hot sensation with that silky soft stocking covered foot.

do you love feet?

I know some of you love sexy feet and some are like it does nothing for me. No matter why you’re a man who loves feet I say embrace it enjoy it from sexy hot explosive foot jobs….to gentle taps of toes on those balls ( and for some not so gentle) to a full on foot job making you explode all over my pretty toes. Say it loud say it proud I love women’s sexy feet and I love foot jobs!!

foot job fun

18 comments to Foot job have you ever had one

  • Florida Slave

    Either way, bare feet or stockings, if its a woman who I think is hot, it does not make any difference.

  • ChocolateKurt

    Oh how I love a nice footjob. I’m hard just thinking about it now. I had a few in my time that I enjoyed so much, I can’t hold out for too long. My self I prefer bare feet but I won’t say no to stockimgs. A footjob is the most sensual kind of sexual activities. I know it’s not for everyone, the thing about it is the women has a sense of control because she knows it makes you weak. You can just about get anything from me during a footjob. I have no control whatsoever.

    • Constance

      Ohh mmmmmmmm kurt and I am loving imagining you hard …ohh and get anything I wont while my feet are on that dick fuck I love that

  • I love the surprise of sitting across a table from a woman in a restaurant and suddenly feeling a foot between my legs while she’s acting like nothing is going on. Not only between my legs, but the feel of a foot working its way up under the leg of my jeans is hot too. I like it with bare feet, but I like it with hosed feet even better. I especially love the look of cum on a pretty pair of hosed feet.

    • Constance

      Ohh jem jem if you like the look of cum on stocking covered feet then you will LOVE licking your cum off of them too hehehehehe

  • cuckie

    I LONG to be at your feet! Just being allowed to worship them would be enough for this subbie Goddess!!!!…..But, If i were worthy …Oh my YES, any contact would be heavenly!

  • bfla

    I’ll never forget the first time I had a foot job. I was out many years ago with a gf. She was looking so hot and I had started things by putting my hand on her thigh under her skirt under the table for a minute. I stopped but next thing I knew I felt her foot under the table poking my legs apart and going to town. She rubbed my balls a lot and when she felt my response gently ran her toes up and down over my poking out pants. I could barely breathe I was so excited and God knows what I looked like. She didn’t even stop when the waiter came by! After a few minutes she let up laughing and asked if I was enjoying my time. I could only nod. I was hard the rest of dinner. Fortunately it was toward the end and I didn’t have to wait long to jump her in the car. I have only had a couple more since then, and nothing to approach that! They are really hot!

  • bumkin

    I have had a footjob once or twice. My favorite was her on a couch and me on the fllor. Her foot was jammed in my crotch and she slightly kicked her heel into my balls. I was sucking her toes on the other foot. If my teeth hit her toes she would let me know with her other foot. I was hitting her toes on purpose. She made me cum in my pants but didnt stop until i got it right. I came twice before we were done.

  • You’re got lots of comments from foot lovers …. from the giving side AND the receiving side. Since you asked the question about bare feet or stockings, I want to weight in on that. I like it when a foot slave starts with slipping off my high heels and, if the worship is amazing, I will order or allow my stockings to be unclipped and slide off my legs … then it’s bare foot worship time!

    • dirtyrain3

      This! OMG! Yes. I love feet and legs in all forms but having to earn the naked bare foot makes it so much sultrier. I love a little stroking game a mistress had me play. She would start with telling me to stroke it 50 times for a reward. That first reward was taking off her shoe. The next would be 40 strokes to kiss the tip of her toe. Then 100 strokes to move a stocking down her thigh, but only one inch. Then the next leg. This continued til I was a puddle of mush. I made it all the way to her naked feet, but once she had me up the ante and suck her big toe while I stroked 100 times. I lost it. If I got all the way to the end she would have given me a footjob for my reward.

    • Constance

      Ohh Ms O I just pictured this and lemme just say I have tingles

  • Mistress Amber

    I love to give foot jobs, and some of the best ones I’ve ever given have been on dates when the man had no idea what was about to happen! There’s something about sliding off a sexy heel underneath a restaurant table and helping myself to a cock and balls in the chair across from me. Horny guys that are already trying to figure out how to get me in bed find out that I’m bold enough to beat them to the punch!

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