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Foot Fetish: I Want to Know Do You Have One?

Yesterday when answering my ask Mistress post, someone sent in a great question about what I think about his foot fetish and if I judged him or thought odd of him for having a foot fetish. I explained that I never judge anyone no matter what their kink is, but thought, let me talk about pretty feet and the men who love them.

When did you first realize you liked pretty feet

I am not big in analyzing our kinks or fetish likes to find out where they came from or why we might have them. I do, however, like to know when a man first realizes he is into or turned on by things. So for all you foot fetish lovers out there, when was the first time your realized that a sexy pair of feet made you horny?

What do you like feet to do to you

When you think about a sexy pair of feet, what do you want to happen with them? Some of you might say, “ohh kick me in the balls or step on my dick with your sexy feet.” What about those sexy feet rubbing your dick or giving you a foot job you know jerking off your dick between those feet!  So what do you enjoy with your foot fetish fantasies, or reality, as the case might be?

Foot fetish lovers chime in

So to all you sexy feet loving men out there, chime in and tell me what about your foot fetish do you enjoy? Is it touching those pretty toes or even sucking them? Do you like to have them in your face sniffing those sexy feet? Or do you just want them all over your horny hard dick so you can cum on those pretty feet?

foot fetish

I need a pedicure


15 comments to Foot Fetish: I Want to Know Do You Have One?

  • magnus

    First, Empress, I’ll just say great foot pic included here. My favprotea feet are the ones with proportionately shaped toes.

    So I really don’t know when I first realized I love feet but I was very young. We might even be talking looking at Minnie Mouse’s feet. 🙂 So it’s pretty much been a motivator for me my entire life. Why do I love them? The hell do I know. I just do like other men prefer breasts or shapely asses. When I see a woman my eyes automatically drop to try to see her feet.

    And what to do with them? Definitely not into ball kicking or pain from them. I might be willing to try trampling but only to see if I like it. My real love for them is the massaging and kissing them and providing pleasure to the owner through them. Footjobs are wonderful too but sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. My real love is my hands and lips on them.

  • bumkin

    YES to everything from licking kicking walking sucking cumming (with permission). My foot fetish actually started with a leg fetish. Then turned into a foot fetish. I couldn’t jerk off unless the model showed her legs and feet. Then turned into CFNM. Which meant the model had to be wearing heels. Jerking off to “Low Rider” mags and “Leg Show” was an everyday thing. Which then turned into light cbt where i dreamed of these clothed females in high heels sitting on a chair with their legs crossed and for amusement kicking me in the balls. Which eventually led me to You my Queen. Which leads me to hot wax and chastity and ultimately pleasing You.

  • ChocolateKurt

    Ms Constance as I said before I discovered my love for feet in grade school. I was being a bad boy and my teacher made me sit on the floor next to her and I saw her feet and got this warm feeling inside of me. From that point on, I knew I had this love for beautiful feet. As I became an adult, I had this of weakness every time I see beautiful feet. It’s like my kryptonite. One of the requirements for any lover I had is they have to have beautiful feet. I just love when they explore my whole body with their feet. It’s an amazing experience for me. God I can talk about this all day so I will stop now.

  • cuckie

    I adore every inch of you Goddess!

  • bfla

    Loves my feetsies. 🙂 They’re great to massage, rub, kiss, and cum on. Nothing like a great teasing footjob.

  • Mistress Amber

    A foot fetish is one of the best ways to relax a Mistress and show her just how much you adore her. Whether those feet are damp from the shower, fresh from the salon or wet and grimy after a sweaty gym sesh, getting those toes on your face and feeling them on your cheeeks is fun for us to watch! Sniff ’em, grind against ’em, spurt ’em with cum and lick it off! Sounds like entertainment to me, Miss Constance!

  • R

    Oh my. I have a huge foot fetish. I first noticed when I was a young, even before being mature. I just felt that there was something about women’s feet that made me feel good, kind of like boobs. I had a fantasy that this foot fetish queen would make me worship her feet, taste them, lick them, massage and suck them all the time. She would hold me captive on an island of sexy women who wanted nothing more then for me to give them foot pleasure. All =when I was young! I didn’t know it was sexual until I hit maturity . Then when I fantasizes I realized I was getting very turned on when I incorporated feet into my thoughts. Once I found this out, I noticed all sorts of pretty feet everywhere and they turn me on so much. I love to do everything with them, but they must be clean clean. No dirty feet for me. I’ve always wanted a Footjob, but have never had one. It makes me horny just typing this.

  • Slave Eddie

    I never had a foot fetish until I met my first Mistress in Vegas, she was perfect in every way and she required me to worship her feet, I knew I wanted to please her so I got down on my knees and held her perfect foot to my nose an inhaled and then I started licking and sucking on her toes; that was it I’ve been hooked ever since. I even read a couple books on massaging techniques and pressure points I strive to be the best it’s my passion.

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