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Cocktober stroker challenge do you want to cum?

I gave you one full week of guided masturbation instructions in my Cocktober stroker challenge and today you will finally get the answer to if you get to cum or not. I mentioned last week that if you called you got to cum and several of you took advantage of that. I know the rest of you are eager after having to repeat the whole week to find out. Lets re cap the week

Day 1~ you were told to set aside an hour each day to jerk that cock for me and day one was pretty simple, slow stroking than fast

Day 2~ you were given instructions to watch your favorite porn while you edged to orgasm for me mmmm bet that was hot!

Day 3~ you were told to listen to my voice while edging and to choose one from my audios page and then listen to the one on the blog itself

Day 4~ you had to break out the lube for some slick cock stroking and after that you got to stare at my ass while edging that cock mmmmm

Day 5~ you had to grab that cock and NOT let go and then I had you wrap those cum filled balls for me for a little light cbt

Day 6~ you had to fuck not a pussy but whatever you could find so your fist or a sex toy you enjoy but this day was all about the fucking

Day 7~ you had to be on your knees to jerk that dick and I threw you a curve ball with the bowl of ice cold water hehehehe and then left you hanging

Do you want to cum?

I bet after reading just those brief descriptions about my cocktober stroker challenge you now feel the urge to jerk off for me again and to finally release all that pent up cum ….well it is time for your answer listen to my audio recap below all the way to the end and find out if you get to shoot that load.

cocktober stroker challange


5 comments to Cocktober stroker challenge do you want to cum?

  • bumkin

    YAY!!!! No cumming!! I feel much better now. As it should be. Blue Ball Bliss!!

  • Hahaha, I love your laugh at the end, Ms. Constance! Very devious. It’s October. The strokers should have expected a trick, not a treat! I’m sure their balls are very blue thanks to you, and they deserve it. Frustrated strokers are much more fun to tease anyway, aren’t they?

    Have a Happy Cocktober, Ms. Constance! And the same to goes to all of her horny strokers!

  • Oh you are so wicked, Ms. Constance! I’m so glad you had them ice those balls before they found out they’re simply denied yet again. Heh heh. I’m with Ms. Marlena–tricks not treats for these horny stroker boys. You’re there to get them under control, not let them run amok, dick in hand! đŸ˜‰

  • Don’t let them cum! Hahahaha, no matter how hard they beg don’t do it. I know they seem all cute and innocent, but it’s totally a trap. Once you let them orgasm after being mercilessly teased and denied, they will only start begging for it again like a week later. Ha! Some people are never satisfied *wink*

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