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Panty wearing men make me smile all the time

Men in general make me smile but panty wearing men always hold a special place with me. I love to turn an every day man into a panty wearing guy who cant imagine himself NOT in panties. Anytime I can shift how someone see’s themselves or turn them onto something they never thought they would enjoy it makes me smile and very happy!

First time in panties

Every panty wearing guy can remember back to the first time they  ever put on a pair of panties, that first moment the soft material hits their skin. That first look in the mirror at the bulge those panties caused. Panty wearing men are a special type of guy that are not cross dressers or sissy girls..they simply enjoy putting on women’s panties.

Submissive panty wearing men

Now some of these panty wearing men tend to become even more submissive when in a pair of women’s panties. I think it is a natural feeling to have when in those sexy feminine panties, simply because how can you be all macho in something so girlie and delicate? I like to watch the transformation from regular guy to panty boy just from slipping on women’s panties. One thing is for sure every panty wearing guy I know loves to please me and I love it too!!

Addicted to panties

Now there is a select few of panty wearing men out there who once they start slipping into ladies panties cant stop! These are addicted panty boys who feel out of place unless a sexy pair of panties are covering their ass. It is natural to want them and need them because lets face it panties just are so damn sexy and why not wear them all the time?

Are you one of the panty wearing men

So tell me have you ever been a panty wearing guy? Do you wear panties on occasion or do you wear them as much as you can get away with? Would you like to explore panty play with me? I am sure to have you enjoying those soft sexy fabrics in no time heheheheh.

panty wearing men

You want to slip on these sexy panties don’t you?

18 comments to Panty wearing men make me smile all the time

  • Mistress:

    I have been addicted to panties and a lot more ever since I can remember. I have nothing but the most feminine VS pairs of panties in my drawer. When I was younger I always wanted to dress and my sister (thank you big sister) was so kind and supportive even buying me my first underwear and dress outfits.
    I believe all boys need to experience the joys of panties. If mothers, sisters, other female family members and friends encouraged male wearing of panties and other female items of clothing this would be a better world to live in.
    I wish I was born a biological girl but since I wasn’t I’ve made the best effort possible to attain the most feminine persona as possible. I am and always will be a sissy and proud of it.

    Empress Lilly’s Sissy,

  • SissyC

    Thinking back, I’ve followed the whole trajectory you laid out. I was once simply a panty boy…became more and more submissive while wearing pretty girly things. And now, with a Mistress’ urging I have done all sorts of dirty things I never thought I would do and now I’m officially a complete sissy slut. I’m sure you’ve seen similar transformations, Miss Constance.

  • Cuckie

    Thanks of showing me the joy of being a subby in panties… I wear them whenever I can!

  • sissychrissy

    You know i love panties! i just wish i could wear them all the time.

  • Petey cream puff

    I love wearing panties! Just the soft, satin,silky fabrics against my soft,waxed girlish smooth legs feel so good. I also am addicted into wearing matching bra as well. I’d love to find a women to have me wear panties and turn me into her panty boy but am afraid to come out:( I wear both when I’m home alone along with heels as well as lipstick/boots/leggings/yoga pants/dresses and a soft,satin,silky slip. If I wore panties/bra all day is be so hard and make cummies in my panties:( this is reason I’ve been single and never gone with women:(

  • W

    I like them and sure hope you don’t take them away now.

  • bfla

    Uh I like wearing them mayyyybeeee just a little…or a lot. A whole lot! Call it submissive, call it kinky, call it exciting, call it hot to feel soft silky or lacy material covering my horny dick, call it whatever you want, just don’t call me a guy not wearing panties. I love wearing them almost all the time, almost as much as I love our shopping trips. Definitely love them under my everyday business clothes. Yep, everything is better in panties!

  • Here’s another kind of panty wearing man….the kind who is tied up and then the panties are slipped right on his body! Oh it might be more than a little coerced at first … but once he gets the feel of those panties …. and the naughties that you do to him … you bet he’ll be trapped in your panties forever!

  • Mistress Amber

    In my experience, once guys try panties, they have a hard time going back to ugly men’s underpants. How in the world could you ever choose a clunky pair of generic men’s briefs over a lacy thong once you feel how amazing it is? That’s a no-brainer! Panties are always on sale, and even if you have to wear boy’s clothes all day, you can still wear something sexy underneath!

  • Petey cream puff

    Both of you are so right Ms Olivia & Ms Amber. They are way better then men’s underware also the soft,satin,silky fabrics feel so good against my soft,girlish,waxed,smooth skin. The same goes for wearing a bra and slip. 🙁

  • Ms Constance, I like shifting a someones perception of self also. I always give a new caller a heads up that I love to push the envelope, and get them to try things they don’t expect to try. It’s just taking the next step, helping them understand the depth of what they enjoy- the caller who wanted to “try” wearing borrowed panties turns into a panty shopping dynamo, who can’t get enough, and wears them daily!
    It’s good to help people fulfill their potential, isn’t it?

  • Sissy Slut

    I love wearing panties as often as I can. I even wear them to work sometimes in fact today is one of those days. I even wore a thong the other day. I feel so submissive and vulnerable but love every second of it. Thanks for turning me.

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