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Erotic Audios on sale now!

I have just finished putting some sexy erotic audios in the store for sale! These erotic audios can be purchased and downloaded for your listening pleasure and the beauty is you can listen over and over again!

The first one is about panty humiliation….about a guy who works with all women but enjoys wearing panties only they don’t know such a macho guy is wearing such sexy silky panties under is work clothes and oh my what would they think if they did?

My second audio for sale is a Cuckold Contract made up for those cuckolds who wish to sign away their right to having sex like real men do. This one has all the rules a cuckold for life would need to agree to in order to be my cuckold slave.

If you are looking for a custom audio with all the things you love to hear from me you can order one. It is super easy all you have to do is write a script ( or I can do it for a writing fee) send it to me by e-mail and request I record it for you.

4 comments to Erotic Audios on sale now!

  • CONGRATULATIONS on the new Ms Constance audios! YAY for you. Now these audios are not like the tease audios that are free phone sex teasers …. those freebies are ways for the guys to hear our voices … but these audios in the store are full fucking hot explicit and very naughty audios. I have HEARD you get naughty and oh yeah you do it up RIGHT! BAM!

  • W

    MMM, how fortuante for us lucky fans to have even more ways to enjoy your sweet, dirty mind after the call ends. Thank you for the creative writing and recording.

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