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Chastity Long Term Causes shrinkage

I have been enjoying chastity play for several years now and there are many things that happen to a man when locked in chastity but the most interesting of all is it causes shrinkage.

Many guys I have locked up have told me my penis seems smaller but then they get to edge and on those rare occasions get to cum and all seems normal. What I never had a chastity pet do is measure their dick until now that is.

My denied cuckold has been locked in chastity for long stretches over the past year and our goal for the new year is to have him locked every day of 2015 at some point, yes he will have orgasms and yes he gets out but at least some part of every day in 2015 that little dickie will be locked in chastity.

What we discovered is not only did it appear to shrink and seemed smaller than usual but in fact it actually has shrunk!! He measured it while he was at his hardest and biggest during our last call and in the past year he has shrunk an inch….a whole inch that is a HUGE amount of shrinkage!

Due to his recent discovery of his shrinkage it has led to many more horny thoughts about him being my cuckold and why he is denied the pleasure of pussy but it has also made him ache for even more chastity play!

So if you want to be locked in chastity and you want to be locked in chastity for long stretches of time be aware of the changes that happen not only mentally and emotionally but physical changes do happen……of course I think with enough time out of chastity you will probably return to close your normal size but I will see to it you get cock locked long enough to see the changes because my goodness not only is it hot to control and deny your orgasms but I can also change your body!!!!!!

long term chastity

24 comments to Chastity Long Term Causes shrinkage

  • Cuckie

    I am proud but humbled to serve as your chastity slave Mistress. I was never worthy of pretending to be a real man before and now I’m even less so. Of course it is humiliating to realize how small I know am. I expect that your little dickie would neve satisfy any woman. I am more than ready to continue in daily chastity and follow wherever this leads. Thank you for locking, denying and molding me (quite literally) into the subbie you desire.

  • bumkin

    No shrink-a-dinky for me thanks you. May be not much but it’s all I got!!

  • Mistress Amber

    I remember the first time I unlocked my husband in front of a group of my girlfriends. We absolutely died laughing when we saw just what an extended period of time in that cock cage did to his already embarrassing penis. Shrink City! It looked like it had lost some water weight for sure. It was also pretty pale….reminded me of getting your arm out of a cast, visibly different than what it should be. It just looked wrong. I’d like to say that the uncontrollable laughter of a group of women made his little bulge hard, but nope! Being locked for a long time did a number on his ability to stiffen, too. It took a little bit to get back to normal, giving lots of comedy relief in the meantime!

    • hahahahaha I love it I can just imagine his humiliation and you and your friends delight over that shrunk up dickie hehehehe and yes it does take a little while to get back to normal after being locked in chastity and lots of fun and laughter for you hehehehe

  • cuckie

    Wonderful Comment Ms Amber! I would soooo enjoy being exposed like that! You’re subby hubby is a lucky guy. I too have found it takes longer to get hard after lock up. Also, if he is like me, I bet when you did allow him a cummie, that he came quickly too. I hadn’t heard about shrinkage before I went into long term chastity, but it seems a common consequence. I am regardless proud to serve in chastity as…like your hubby….my penis was embarasssing and unworthy to begin with. Now it is even a more fitting ‘lil dickie’ for a denied cuck in chastity

  • Hello Ms Constance. This post brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “use it or lose it!” I think it’s wonderful that his cock is getting smaller. It reinforces the simple fact, that it was never meant for a woman’s pussy. Please keep us updated on the incredible shrinking cock!

  • I would guess that the amount of size lost will depend on how long you’ve been compressed in the cage without having a full erection every so often to allow the cells to fully expand. While I’m not crazy about losing what little I already have, I do feel like once you’re out of the cage for awhile, it makes sense to me that at least some of the length will come back after a certain number of erections.

    In the past, I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen a small amount of shrinkage after a long lockup, as well as some difficulty in getting an erection. But the weirdest thing for me was when I was first let out of the cage, even when I had a good erection, I had some trouble being able to get to an orgasm the first couple of days. It’s like my body forgot how to do it.

    And one last thought, the shrinkage factor sounds a little scary, but at the same time, I also enjoy body modifications. So the idea that Mistress is responsible for an actual physical change to my body kinda-sorta appeals to me! 🙂

    • that is correct jem jem and you are right it will come back eventually

      I think in your case it was rare most of my chastity clients usually cum fast after being un locked hehehehehe

      yes jem jem this plays right into that hehehehehe

  • emily

    I want to find out for myself if this is true. I just to buy a cb 6000s .

  • This is another reason I would love to be locked up. I’m only 4.5″ to begin with but I’d rather be even smaller. I figure if I can’t be a real man with a real cock I might as well be a sissy with as tiny a thing as possible.

  • Jaberwocky

    Just like you suspect, the common view on the internet is that after a couple of days/weeks, everything returns to original sizes. And I must admit I would be very hesitant to wear a chastity device if the shrinkage would be more permanent. Chastity devices will probably be a lot less popular as well.

    Anyway, as I read your post, it almost reads like you wish you could shrink a cock on a more permanent basis. Would you like to have such a super power, being able to slowly reduce a man’s cock size, permanent? Or being able to slowly reduce the strength of his erections? I must admit, the idea of a mistress being able to over the months slowly nibble away a few inches, never to return, does sound thrilling! But I will definitely pass on what might be the ultimate power exchange.

    I do have one thing I can’t get out of my head, would you do the same to the “stallions”? Would you slowly reduce the size of his penis, and have fun with the knowledge that after a year of (not so) hard work his once mighty pride is reduced to well below average permanent? Or do you like the knowledge that you have a masculine real man with an 8 to 9 inch cock, who is of course still being locked in chastity and at your mercy as you hold the keys?

    Anyway, it is fun to know that as the bulge of a chastity device might give bystanders the impression of being well endowed, the opposite is occurring.

    • I agree chastity would be les popular if the shrinkage was permanent…I like power and if shrinking gives me power than I am all for it I like the shrinkage and the return then the shrinkage hehehehe love that kind of power

      as far as bulls and shrinking them FUCK no I like big cocks I am a size queen and there are NOT enough big cocks in the world so I wouldn’t want to shrink them at all

      hahaha yes the look of a chastity device in those pants might lead someone to think the guy was hung when in doubt he is far from it hehehehe thanks for this great comment

      • Jaberwocky

        Last time I measured, I am above average, or at least in the upper part of the average range. No doubt that’s NOT enough for you to receive the “get out of jail free” card. And although I have no data or medical proof, I have the feeling that the shrinking works better on growers… like me…

  • jesse

    Greetings Ms. Constance this has been a good read and I have been coming back to read all over again. The fact that one finds pleasure from seeing his/her cock reduce in size is extremely hot. This is what small penis humiliation causes. I want to get into chastity for 12months, yes you heard me

  • Kevin

    Dear Mistress Constance, I don’t mean to be a copy-cat of StephanieCDCNJ’s Comment, but I too may apply to be under your lock and key. Actually, I’m coming at this from quite a different angle. First, I am not a sissy. Second, I am certainly not 4.5″. (Obviously, Stephanie is a prisoner of a Giantess fetish.) I am 5’11”. Now, back to the subject at hand: shrinkage. That long-term chastity can reduce the length of my penis intrigues me. Given my size, I think I just might prefer a tool that is smaller. You see, I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing to the utmost. Given the situation between my legs (I’m 3.3125″ in length; flaccid and girth measurements available upon request) and my desire to be the best that I can be, I think there only one reasonable direction in which to go, and that would be to “downsize”, wouldn’t it Mistress Constance?

    • Kevin I would love to have you locked up under my supervision…lol @ giantess and if your saying you 3.3125inches umm that’s not very large if we went smaller it might not be visible heheheh but perhaps I am misunderstanding why not post your full erect size here so I can then go from there

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