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Happy New Year!!!

This wont be a sexy kinky blog except for the fact I am writing it so instantly it is sexy hehehehe…. This blog is to wish all of my wonderful fans and followers a very Happy Safe and Healthy New Year!!!

The past year has had its ups and downs and I wanted to . . . → Read More: Happy New Year!!!

StrapOn Play is it for you?

We all have our naughty secrets and we all enjoy kinky things and some thing appeal to us but were not sure if they are for us….strapon play is one of those fantasies that many have but many are not sure it is for them. . . . → Read More: StrapOn Play is it for you?

Cuckold Cock Sucker: A tale about Chuck the cuck

This is a cuckold cock sucking story about Chuck the cuck…..enjoy everyone


Chuck had been waiting in the closet for what seemed like hours with anticipation of his wife, Linda and her lover coming home.  He’d watched them here before, ever since he was able to talk his wife into making him her . . . → Read More: Cuckold Cock Sucker: A tale about Chuck the cuck

Serving your femdom Mistress part 2

Yesterday I posted the first part of serving your femdom Mistress today is the second and final part…enjoy


After I was finished soaking in the bath, you’d be expected to bring me a warm towel from the drier. Your Mistress always expects to be pampered. I love the sensation of a warm toasty . . . → Read More: Serving your femdom Mistress part 2

Serving your Femdom Mistress

Of course a Femdom Mistress has her needs. Being a Mistress, perhaps it would be better to call them ‘expectations’. It goes without saying that I expect my needs to always be met…. Especially at Christmas time! But when it comes to my sexual needs, I require the services of both Real Men and submissives! . . . → Read More: Serving your Femdom Mistress