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Hesitant cum eater finally ate his own cum

Cum eating men are exciting to me because it is not something just any guy does or is even willing to do, I have a very special slutboy who has been trying to achieve this for years now and guess what, he has finally done it!

How it started

This all came about during one of our many sessions. You see, when this horny slut boy gets to jerking off for me he ends up spilling all his secrets and that’s just how he admitted to wanting to eat his cum for me! I of course giggled at him and pretended to be surprised but I knew all along this is what he wanted I was just waiting for him to admit it.

His first taste

After several sessions where he chickened out when he came I decided to up the stakes a bit telling him that from now on he does not get to cum unless he eats all of his jizz! To make sure he got past that hurdle of losing his urge to eat his cum,I had him bring a spoon to session and just as he was allowed release he had to hold that spoon on his swollen cock head….this did not catch all his cum but it did what I needed it got cum on the spoon and that spoon in his mouth….ahh he did it!! He tasted it one huge hurdle down.

Making him wait and anticipate

You would think I would be pushing him after that but no, I made him wait to stroke edge and even play with that cock….I made him anticipate what was next and actually crave eating his cum for me…and when the moment was right I allowed him to stroke and ache for me. This was a few days that he was teased and denied. I knew it would make him horny and weak and I was right!

Time to eat that cum

We did a session where he was on web cam edging for me but my silly slut forgot his spoon. Well of course that session ended in denial and he had instructions to always have that spoon handy and if he didn’t he has no orgasm. The next day, with spoon in hand and web cam on, our session began and in just a few short minutes he was begging to eat his cum. When I finally said yes he not only filled his spoon with cum but he scraped it off his belly and swallowed it all up!!!


I am so proud and so thrilled that this hesitant cum eater has now been turned into a cum eating slut all for me!!!!

4 comments to Hesitant cum eater finally ate his own cum

  • Bfla

    Congratulations both to you and your caller Ms. Constance. That is great he finally did it. I love eating my cum. I hadn’t ever done it before Andi, but I was curious and Andi encouraged me. Now I love it. I mean if the women in my life do it and mistresses do it, then why shouldn’t I, right? I love it plain and on all kinds of food and the occasional drink (cream in my coffee anyone?). For me it has nothing to do with humiliation; I like the feel of it and it turns my mistress on, so it’s something fun and sexy to please her. Of course the best part of it is I get to cum in the first place. 🙂 So I hope you and he enjoy it together for a long time.

  • Why thank you bfla it is something that turns me on too for him it is a bit humiliating to a degree but not in a mean way and the fact he finally ate it all up was so hot and thrilling for me I am so very very proud….I will of course let you know of his progress and hey Ms Andi is very lucky to have you so loyal and so awesome!

  • W

    I said I wanted it and well you gave it to me, lol.. You made it so easy and I’m glad it was with you.. Of course, knowing now the pleasure and thrill it gave you makes it that much more satisfying. I’m guessing it doesn’t end the denial that you have me on, lol.

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