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Attention all Horny Strokers!!!

Now that I have your attention it is time to let you know that the sexy Mistress of Chat Ms Claire and I are teaming up to tease and torment you during the strokeathon! That is right were team red white and blue bikini and we are planning on making you horny strokers work . . . → Read More: Attention all Horny Strokers!!!

What is a Cock Tease?

I was sitting here thinking to myself about how many times I have been called a cock tease…..and just what a cock tease means to everyone so I asked a few friends online and even posted a poll. It seems most agree a cock tease is one who leads a man on to thinking he will get some when she has no intention of doing so but leads him right up to the gates of pleasure even though she will leave him hard and aching, usually without any guilt or concern for what she has done. . . . → Read More: What is a Cock Tease?

This blog is for the cuckolds to drool over!

We all know that I am a size queen but it is not just about the size of a man’s cock that gets me going it is also his attitude and how he carries himself. Only a real man can handle my body and make me melt and only a real man can tease and torment me and make me ache for his cock…just like my man did last night… . . . → Read More: This blog is for the cuckolds to drool over!

Enchantrix Empire is On Face Book!!

I have spent the last few days getting the best adult social network a face book fans page and it is up and running for everyone to join!

This is just going to be an extension of all the great things we here at LDW/Enchantrix provide for our followers. So if you have a . . . → Read More: Enchantrix Empire is On Face Book!!

Men who eat cum

Everyone knows I am a lover of all things cum related, and when it comes to a man eating his own cum or even being fed his cum I find it extremely hot and exciting! . . . → Read More: Men who eat cum