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Men in Panties

Why is it so hot to make an otherwise macho man slip into some tight women’s panties for me? Well first off how hot is it that a macho man would put panties on for me just to please me? But second have you ever been hard or seen a man hard in women’s panties? It can be very frustrating for a man in panties to touch and stroke and that right there is HOT!

Humiliation of buying panties

Imagine this macho man having to buy those panties he is going to wear, trying to decide what size he is and wondering if everyone in the store is looking at him, finally deciding on the pair he will buy, feeling himself growing with excitement and wishing it did not turn him on to be buying panties to wear for his phone sex mistress. Buying only the panties that are obviously for him turning bright red when the only cashiers he sees are young ladies and knowing they will think he is a panty boy and still unable to control the growing hard on in his pants.

Wearing Panties on Cam

I love being able to see my coerced panty boys on web cam, their embarrassment from having to wear them and the excitement from having to get on cam to show me and model their new panties. I love pointing out how hard they are in those panties and how tight those panties are getting, the more I expose him as a panty slut and point out what I see the more his horny excitement grows. I love having him relive his shopping trip and telling me everything about the store from the ladies in the panty section looking at him to the smirk on the cashiers face when he paid for them.

Stroking In Panties

Now here is the fun part that hard cock stuffed into women’s panties just throbs and aches to be stroked until he begs Mistress may I stroke? I allow him to stroke but ONLY through those panties watching his hand slide up and down that soft girly fabric, his excitement level builds as he begins please may I take it out of the panties mistress only to be met with a sharp No panty boy you stroke through those panties. I love seeing that frustrated look on a horny man’s face when not being able to just grab that cock and stroke it hard, making him rub through the panties is only going to drive him more wild and even frustrate him a bit because it is enough stimulation to keep him excited but just not enough to get him off, the tightness of those panties prevents him from getting a good grip on his dick but the rubbing and the soft fabric and the embarrassment of being in panties keeps his cock rock hard. Perfect for me to tease and torment a horny stroker boy in panties. *evil laugh*

Are you ready to be pushed?

Are you ready for a bit of humiliation mixed with panties and combined with a guided masturbation session? Need a bit of help to push you to that point? I am always willing to send you out to purchase your very own panties and then watch as you get hard and horny and frustrated wearing them for me! I am told there is nothing like the thrill of me watching, the humiliation of wearing them and the frustration of having to stroke in them….give it a try you might just like it.

64 comments to Men in Panties

  • bradley boy

    great post, Empress. I’ve not worn women’s panties or other women’s clothes at all, but had a fascination about wearing them under my guy clothes at work and having a female co worker find out, then use that against me and possibly take me deeper into cross dressing/femme. the thought of going to victorias secret or similar and having mistress guide me in what to buy and even speaking to the salespeople would be humiliating and a turn on at the same time – I think I’d like to try that sometime

    • Thanks for the comment and I have found adding that little naughty touch such as panties under your work clothes has had some interesting horny effect on men even those not wishing to be feminized….it is about doing it for me or a mistress that makes it so how and the fear of being found out like you mentioned. I would love to go shopping with you but one thing I dont do is bring vanilla every day people into our fantasy… can ask the sales lady what I tell you and as long as your asking a legitimate question like what size would I be and NOT my mistress wants to turn me into a sissy I am good with it…………….another thing I would love to explore with you 🙂

  • coffeeboy

    Empress, i’ve had to buy many pairs over the years, enough to fill a small VS bag. the hardest, most humbling experience is in a VS or Frederick’s. Kohl’s was a bit easier & Che Target was a piece of cake for they were mixed in with other items.

    • Nice to know coffeeboy! When I send a man to the store to buy panties at kohls or target they are NOT allowed to buy anything BUT them….lol no getting off easy when given an assignment from me hehehehehehe. Now since you have bought so many panties over the years do you wear them often?

      • coffeeboy

        often? i think its a matter of routinely, as i own little else. i served a Domme some time back, the same one who sent me out for many of my panties, who insisted i through most of my male underwear away. She allowed me to save just enough for doctors visits….and airport security.

  • Ed

    By the time you let me wear em,I have to turn em inside out so as to feel the clean side.
    Try to distinguish dirty from unclean,will ya?!

  • Gummy Bear

    Geez, is there any topic that you can’t make sound sexy?!? I haven’t found one yet. Great post Empress Constance!!

  • W

    Great blog, I’d love to try this sometime. I could care less about the fabric or panty, but doing it for her, is a great turn on and that constant aching reminder of her all day long. mmmmm.

    • Ahhhhh Yes this was a fun one it was not about the fabirc it was about him doing it for me and his excitment because it was for me that lead to hus frustration when I made him rub ONLY through the panties and pantyhose…good times you really should try it

  • bradleyboy

    looks like I need to think about buying some panties for work! ready to be taken to the next level…..

  • DCmike

    Hmmm, Panties huh? Ironically considering their scanty dimensions they constitute a rather wieghty subject in these parts. As Winston Churchill said in 1940, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few (fibers)” LOL

  • teezedpurple

    Oh Ms. Constance, reading your comments regarding men in panties caused a sudden learch in my pants. I have long loved the soft and erotic feel of ladies panties drapped over my hard throbing cock. I love to stroke myself through panties. I have 2 pairs just for stroking. I also have a silky slip and love to stroke with it because it has even more material. I find that having a double layer of silky material makes for exquisite sensual feelings on my cock. I love to stroke myself for hours this way, stopping each time I edge. As many of you know, I am Ms. Tia’s edgepet and I can only cum for her when she allows me to. Yes, men in panties is one of my most favorite things. BTW, if allowed, I could cum in panties, more than enough sensations from the girly material to bring me over the edge, if allowed.

    • TY for the comment teezed I do know exactly what you mean and in fact for those who wear panties and slips I insist they rub the slip against the panties because it is such a delightful feeling…………edging in panties is very hot and like I said frustrating for some as well who just want to pull it out and YANK it off they cant just not enough to send them over heheheh aww what a shame…………but lucky you that you can get off IN those panties 🙂

  • evilpenguin

    Ms Constance you know just as much as anyone how exciting it is to be seen by you on cam in panties. Being made to strip out of my masculine clothes in front of you completely nude then to cover up I wear panties all with you looking on. So exciting and your voice makes me feel a combination of shame and humiliation. Yet I feel so excited and even in a way happy because I know you think I look cute in the panties. 🙂

  • bradley boy

    wearing black hi cut panties today underneath my dockers pants. wow – feel so hard in them, hard to hide the excitement. never thought i’d get excited and hard weairng panties – partof me feel embarrassed, but the rest of me turned on! wonder whatthe next steps would be, empress…..

    • Ohhh I was excited to read that your in panties today and how turned on you are!! What steps are next is to slip into some stockings under those dockers see how you feel all day with panties and stockings on!!

  • bradleyboy

    oh my – dumb question, but something like thigh highs or pantyhose or something else you’d recommend?

  • bradleyboy

    panty hose it is. I bought a pair of control top black hose to wear tomorrow under the panties that I washed tonight. Guessed on sizing and tried them on – not too bad a fit, but will take some getting used to I’m sure, especially as the day goes on. With the hose, I guess using the urinal is out! Will give you report tomorrow, Empress.

    • Fantastic I am sure that you will be telling me all about it after work today………and for the record the panties go UNDER the pantyhose honey. They will take some getting used to but lemme tell that that yummy sensation all day as you walk and sit will make it allllllllll worth it!!

  • bradleyboy

    yes, I did manage to figure out how to wear them. I must say, quite the unusal feeling and they do get hot – I now have whole new appreciation for women who wear hose in the warmer months.

    Like the panties, I was surprised that I did quite excited wearing them, part of it probably was the thought that I was doing so and others might see. I can only imagine the sensation you’d haave if your legs and crotch area were all smooth.

    Went out last night after work and did take off the hose, but left on the panties and could only imagine what the woman I was with would think if she only knew what I was wearing!

    never thought I’d be weairng panties or hose, but did both in one week – big for me. almost scared to ask, Empress, but what is next?

    • I am thrilled and impressed by what you have done for me in such a short time! I can only imagine your thoughts while out with that lady after work wearing women’s panties wish I was a fly on the wall!!!
      Well whats next keep up with the panties and hose all week at work but add some lip gloss to it…clear lip gloss applied every hour or so while at work and see if your not excited nervous and wondering does everyone know my girly secret?? Ohh and ad a bit of edging to your day as well say lunch time go into the rest room or private place and edge do NOT cum just edge.
      Looking forward to hearing more from you

  • bradleyboy

    looks like I need to buy more pantyhose and panties as only have one pair of each! any thpoughts on colorsor styles? I went pretty safe with black hi cut panties and black hose for first pair. shopping tomorrow at lunch. clear lip gloss, eh? can you get that at drugstore in the cosmetics/makeup aisles or should I go to makeup counter at the mall?

    i will have to do call this week – edging is something I am not to experienced at and not good at – no real control and cum too easily. thinking empress needs to work with me on this!

    • Yes I think you should buy more if you haven’t already I have been busy today didn’t get to reply right away. I dig boy cut panties or cheekies they are sexy get some spring colors………..and you can do either or for the lip gloss 🙂

  • bradleyboy

    it is off to Victorias Secret tonight after work then for some panties and hose and then to buy some lip gloss. tomorrow at work should be interesting and cannot belive I’m getting all hard now just thinking about it. My little cock cannot control itself on its own….

  • bradley boy

    won’t get out until weekend – got called out of town for quick work trip and tied up pretty heavy at our field office, so not able to get out shopping at all. I did bring my one pair of panties with me and will wear them tomorrow.

  • bradley boy

    got a few pairs of panties and panty hose. wore the red satin panties today and black color hose. I also picked up some clear lip gloss at makeup counter in the mall – telling the salesgirl it was for a gift (too scared to tell her it was for me!). I put a little on today and so far, no comments, but day is young.

    • fantastic news!!!! You will have to let me know how the rest of your day goes I think that is awesome….and tell me now that you have worn panties a few time is the fear subsiding? Are you comfy with them now?

  • Sparty2330

    Such a great post Empress Constance! I have always loved wearing panties underneath my clothes, and the panties I own are so tight and skimpy which keep me aroused and erect all day long. However, the rings, eding, viagra, etc always helps the arousal factor as well! And yes, Im wearing a gstring now:)

    • well well well look who found my way over to my blog and my men in panties blog no less hehehehehe I know you for sure enjoy wearing panties in fact you have worn them for the year plus I have known you LOL the skimpy ones are the best and love you being erect all day!!! when you read this go edge that cock for me and moan my name!!

  • bradleyboy

    thanks – rest of the day was fine. one person made comment that “my lips looked shiny and that I must have had something yummy for lunch”. I just blushed. Having worn panties for 3 days and hose now for 2, the fear is subsiding, though more fearful of wearing the hose than the panties alone. I think I will try just the panties tomorrow. bought hi cut and boy cut styles as those seemed like it would be eaiser to wear. I must admit I like the feeling of my little cock rubbing against the fabric and think it must be real rush to be all dressed up!

    • Great job and that one person making a comment must have not only made you blush but your head spinning “do the know” Your panties for today sound nice and I knew you would enjoy the feeling of the fabric against your little cock………we need to think about fully dressing you one day when your free and alone so you can feel that huge rush!

  • Sparty2330

    I always do moan your name Empress Constance….especially when I.m straining to hold back my orgasm when its right at the tip! The skimpy thongs and gstrings are the best, especially this week when Im wearing under my shorts at the beach and pool! lol

  • bradleyboy

    yes, empress, that would be quite the experience. we must do the dressing thing on webcam and you can direct me through the experience, punishing and teasing me as you desire. Should I be thinking of buying a dress or skirt/top, shoes, etc… and if so, what would you desire for me to dress in?

    • would love too and adding web cam to it makes it even more fun for me I can see everything……………….I would like to dress you in panties bra garter belt stockings skirt blouse and heels…………..get all those things so I can dress your sweet ass so so soooooooo looking forward to this!

  • Sparty2330

    I knew this day was coming, and coming soon when you require I slip it in all day while edging. Today will be extra hard (literally) since Im heading to the beach as we speak and this new toy is doing its job and more….wow!

  • Sparty2330

    No question about it… keep me hard and aching daily. The clubs tonite will be brutal with the plug and other required items. No special rules for tonite….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol

  • Sparty2330

    u may smile hard but Im always hard Empress Constance! ahhhhh Friday night was brutal…..omfg!

  • bradley boy

    empress – was out of town, but now back and picked up a blue jean skirt and two tops – leopard print and pink/black one. I will go get a bra and gater belt along with shoes tomorrow, then you can dress me up!

  • bradley boy

    i cannot belive I’m getting all excited for this, but I am! I’ll let you know whn I get the rest of the items!

  • MiValentine

    I would defenitly love this, and I am so ready to be pushed, at least i can fantasize about being pushed and maybe go and buy some panties for my self anyway ^^
    Id love for you to hear all about it though if i do this humilating and exciting turning on assignment 😉
    However im not sure i tried “rubbing” outside on my panties, i think i have grabbed it outside but never rubbed outside for that frustration

    • for now on only rub though the panties……and whats this buy some panties for yourself? I thought you had already done that…..this will be your first assignment get out there and get panties ASAP!

  • Cassandra

    Would love to have you in my world I love to shop for all things gurlie.I need some new panties right now What would you like me in I want new pushup bra and a dress to I wish my girlfriend understood

    • well your welcome to be in my world I would love to have you shop for some cute cheeky panties and a push up bra!!! Sometimes people can feel threatened by anything outside the box not everyone is open minded and secure enough to handle a diff life style 🙂 good thing for you ya found these sites where we all understand and accept you for who you are!

  • Cassandra

    Yes mistress on my break I am near a VS lacy pushup panties and garter maybe a school gurl skirt and cotton blouse I have heels and some glossy pink lipstick and I’ll do my hair

  • Roxanne Lanyon

    I have begun wearing panties about the same time I became in love with my friend. He has suddenly begun appealing to me, and, well, we now have quite a romance! You see, I am “his wife”, and have taken to wearing pretty panties, and other intimates, for him all of the time. I think one day, I may even get married to him, as his wife, of course! Oh, I am such a happy gurl right now!
    Roxanne Sissy

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