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Long Term Denial and Chastity

I know I have spoken about long term denial several times here but this is just an update I could not resist writing about! Many of you were blown away by my long term denial slut Gummy and how he has now gone over 200 days without an orgasm…… he is locked into chastity with ME In control.

Long Term Denial just got Harder

He has been denied for over 200 days with no end in sight in fact I plan to deny him for the rest of his life! What we used to do was he could edge and stroke as much as he wanted, I trusted him and still do because he wanted this long term denial I think even more than anyone I have ever known. In the interest of me having full and total control he wanted to be locked into chastity……..I never thought of it before for him because he is so obedient and didn’t want to fail and have an orgasm just as much as I didn’t want him too, So we are giving chastity a try so that I control it all.

Locking up his cock

He spent the entire week of his spring break in chastity wearing his cb6000 I was amazed at the total attitude change he had because of it, it seems having to be in chastity made him think of me even more every time he sits he thinks of me every time he stands he feels it and thinks of me EVERYTHING he does now is a constant reminder he is locked in chastity and denied by me forever. We had a short edging session after a week of him being locked and my goodness did he get to the edge fast! After just several minutes of edging that cock I had to have him cool down so I could SEE him lock back up my cock and for him to show me the serial numbers on the lock. What a thrill it is to see a cock locked in chastity knowing he cannot touch nor stroke without my permission.

Long term denial and Chastity

Now were into it a couple weeks he has been wearing his cb6000 to work every day with no bad side effects and his long term orgasm denial continues. I have to say the wonderful side effects to being in chastity have greatly improved his mood and his denial outlook and now he wants to be in chastity as long as he has been denied that’s over 200 days in chastity!! I have yet to decide if that is what we will do……but I am really considering it!! Tell me do you think you can handle a bit of long term denial? Have you ever been in chastity indefinitely? I would love to hear some comments from long term denial boys and chastity lovers!

 His Point of View

I have always enjoyed chastity and being locked up.  There is something “special” and “naughty” about having your cock locked up beneath your clothes.  I like the feeling of the chastity device and I have often referred to it as a type of security blanket.  I thought the transition of going from stroking and edging at will, to being locked up would be difficult but I never realized just how much chastity would amp up the intensity.  I am constantly horny and wanting to stroke.  My device doesn’t allow my cock to get more than about a quarter hard, but I am so horny all the time.  I absolutely love being locked up, but even more important is the fact that I’m locked up FOR someone.  I’ve enjoyed chastity before, but I was always my own keyholder.  Having Empress Constance in control of my chastity has taken my long term denial and kicked it up about a thousand notches.  I am so thankful that we decided to give chastity a go.  Now, that I’ve worn my device for awhile, I don’t see any reason not to continue.  I am very happy, very horny and very much under the control of Empress Constance.  It’s been an incredible journey and chastity has made it even more special.

28 comments to Long Term Denial and Chastity

  • Andy

    Firstly, can I just say I really enjoyed reading this article. I’m so glad you’ve both discovered the joys of locked chastity and the fun it can bring to all involved!

    I’ve experienced chastity both with a device and without.

    They’re both fun for all involved but you’re right, there’s definitely a difference between them both. Because of the restricting nature of a device, whenever you’re wearing one and you feel it, your thoughts instantly go to your key holder. It’s like you’re constantly being gripped tightly by them. This is the main reason why I prefer being locked. It’s easy to stay chaste if you want it, but if you’re not locked, it’s too easy for your mind to wander.

    Also, to answer your question, I pref not knowing when/if I’ll be unlocked. Unfortunately for me, I always want to go on longer than my OH, but I’m happy that it’s not me who decides. After all, it’s all about orgasm control. Much as I’d like longer, it’s more important that her wishes are fulfilled.

    Kindest regards,


    • Andy thank you for the very though out reply and your input into the long term denial and chastity! I am glad to see you have done it with and without a chastity device and understand how it is different and a bit more intense…I like to keep his mind on me and so far so good 🙂 As with you gummy has let me have full control and he prefers the not knowing it makes it even hotter and although he is happy to be unlocked to edge he is just as happy and a bit more turned on when even that is not allowed…..ahhh I love orgasm denial!!!

  • mylenesissy

    Wow, Gummy really is a good sub, i had no idea it was even possible to go that long without an orgasm.

    Is he allowed to milk himself ? (i’ve read online that it is necessary for long term chastity in order never to have health issues).

    I have never experienced chastity myself but i hope i will. i have noticed that the longer i go without an orgasm, the kinkier (and naughtier) i get. Alas, i always end up giving myself one and end up sad to have lost this state of mind. One day, i hope to push my limits using chastity.

    • Yes Gummy is an amazing chastity/denial sub he is a treat!!! Yes he does milkings although the last couple were uneventful he should be trying again this week 🙂 As for your denial I think you hit it on the head the more your denied the hotter it gets but unlike you gummy has no choice and his motivation before chastity was not going back to that sad ohhh man I blew it stage you talk about…now he has no choice he is under my control 🙂

  • Ed

    Good Lord.
    So this is why I have the bottle of vodka in the hollowed out part of my bible.
    Oh,and when he finally goes,turn around,don’t drown!

  • DCmike

    When Cameron was in Egypt’s land….Let my Cameron Go!

    • No NO NO no letting it free hehehehehe not cameron not gummy not anyone LOL *** it has come to my attention that the comment was a quote from a movie for the record I wont hardly ever get movie quotes since I do not remember them just something I never picked up* But on the plus side I remember my phone sex callers and their kinks so life is good 🙂

  • Gummy Bear

    This has been an amazing journey Empress Constance. I just love where we both are right now. I am having the time of my life. You have exceeded my wildest dreams, and you have made all my fantasies come true. Thank you for being such a wonderful Empress, and a brilliantly devilish keyholder, and for writing such a flattering blog post. I am beaming with pride, grinning from ear to ear!!! The audio is spectacular. OMG, I am sooooooo horny…………………

    • Thank you gummy your denial and chastity are amazing to me! I am happy to be the one controlling your chastity and denial and thrilled to do it!! I see once again your moaning omg I’m soooooooooooooo horny lol I love making you that way and keeping you that way. Thanks for your contribution to the post and I am glad you enjoyed the audio and the post so much had you on my mind when I did them 🙂

  • bradley boy

    great post empress – while long term scares me, staritngout short term denial and orgasm control does really excite me (that sort of sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it!)

    • Well long term denial is not for everyone but I think a bit of denial thrown in can help increase your sexual desire and not to mention how amazing it is when you get to cum after some orgasm denial…..try it you might just like it

  • humbler

    I’m locked up in a 17 day sentence (6 down and 11 to go). I cannot even imagine a 200 day sentence. Ball beatings, eating cum, anything would be promised in order to get out early. The problem I have is I love my erections!

    • Way to go!!! 10 to go now. I know it seems extreme 200 days but this is his dream what he wanted and asked for well maybe not so long in chastity but it excites him to know he has no control and I can keep him locked up and denied as long as I please………and it excites me too hehehehe. He can beg and plead and promise all he wants but he wont get to cum even if he gets a bit of erection time he still wont get release!! 🙂 I like the erections too LOL

  • Curious Sub

    Empress Constance, thank you so much for writing this fantastic post. I’ve often thought of purchasing a CB6000 and asking a Mistress to be part of the denial with me. I do have a concern about this device and if it is too restrictive for subs who do not possess a small dick.

    • Your most welcome……I think any Mistress would love to be a part of your chastity and denial. If you do not have a small penis than you should do a bit of research there are many chastity devices on the market and I am sure there is one that will be comfortable yet restrictive for you. Check out and see what they have or do a basic google search for chastity devices. Be sure to let me know how it goes 🙂

  • Wessypoo

    I’ve only experienced mental chastity and it’s such a tease for me. Knowing it’s available for the touching, but Mistress has said to leave it alone, I love the mindfuck of this. The control she has and the joy I get from restraining myself, it’s great. “No” is hotter than “Yes” when it comes to this. Thank you Ms.Constance.

    • Mental chastity can be as intense as the actual cock device keeping you from touching….I actually think since the temptation is there it might just be harder. I agree wessypoo NO is much hotter than yes hehehehehehe

  • bradleyboy

    denial and chastity training with empress, here I come (but not cum!)

  • Ed

    That’s not milk,it’s your dick crying

  • Ed

    It’s as if it were at a wedding giving the bride away,although she said she’s never be one again.

  • Oh i looked at stockroom, i red the comments for fun,
    I want a “SLUT – Spanking paddle” haha 😉
    And oh god, the more i read of long time denial, the more i want it

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