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My Next Door Neighbor and My Sissy Boy part2

I left off my last blog post on my phone sex sissy boy and the sweaty next door neighbor, with my sissy sucking on Herc’s ever growing cock and my sissy slurping away on it like the good slut she is!

I walked back in the room to find Herc’s hands on the back of his head pushing his cock into my sissy boys mouth, My sissy saw me out of the corner of his eye and continued to take every inch of Herc’s Hard cock…I could see how much Herc was enjoying that hot wet mouth and I winked at him and gave a little chuckle as I walked closer to them….I patted my sissy on the head and said my my my what a good cock sucker you are! My sissy let out a moan and wiggled her ass, her little dress was hiked up from all the movement and i got a good look at her cute little ass in those panties, I walked behind her and gave her ass a SMACK she jumped and moaned but never missed one stroke of Herc’s cock slipping in her mouth!

I decided to treat my sissy boy to some strap on fucking! I got my strap on out of my chest of toys and brought it to her face, which was stuffed with a real cock…her eyes got all big and huge as she looked at it then up at me, Herc let out a laugh and a moan and said MMMMMMMM I want you to fuck your sissy in the ass while I fuck his mouth! I pulled my sissy’s mouth off of Herc’s cock for a second and told her you better suck this now or it will not be as easy to fuck your ass with it dry now will it? She said yes mistress and immediately wrapped her wet mouth around it slurping all 9.5 inches deep into that hot sissy mouth!!

After getting my strapon all wet I pulled it out leaving my sissy with a open mouth…but not for long Herc was stroking his cock watching the sissy suck and as soon as I pulled out he shoved his throbbing dick back in!!! And as my sissy began to go back to his cock sucking duties I pulled those panties of his down and began to tease that sissy pussy with my strap on…the moans that came from my sissy was more then I needed to know she was ready and I began to slip it in…inch by inch that strap on disappeared into my sissy boys pussy and her moans were getting louder and louder…I was looking at Herc and he was looking at me and I gave him a wink and just then we both shoved deep into the sissy Herc shoved his cock all the way into his mouth and I shoved my strap on deep into his sissy pussy!! My sissy let out a moan and began to work each cock in her pushing on Herc’s then mine……Herc could take no more and told me he was about to cum….so I told him well dont just empty in my sissy boy’s mouth let me see her coated with your cum….Herc pulled his fat dick out and began to spew his hot load all over her face….I continued to fuck my sissy boy and told her how hot she looked with cum dripping off her face…looking back at me covered with a hot sticky load she Thanked me for allowing her to serve me and my handsome neighbor and begged me to fuck her with my strap on!!!!

For more on the adventures of my sissy boy slave and my handsome neighbor Herc….stay tuned! And feel free to leave your comments to this and any of my blog posts….we all love the feed back!

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