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Panty Boy Phone Sex

So I happen to have a soft spot for all my panty boy phone sex callers…I find them so sweet and adorable. When we first begin our sessions I like to find out just how deep his panty fetish is. Some men are just simply curious about the feeling of panties and some are . . . → Read More: Panty Boy Phone Sex

Fun Giantess Phone Sex

Ohhhhh how I love the little ones…..You know who I mean right? The tiny little men the ones that look like little itsy bitsy toys!! Ohhh and I adore using little men like toys!! Standing above them my Tall body hovering over them looking down I love to giggle at their size and make . . . → Read More: Fun Giantess Phone Sex

Foot Fetish Piggy

Well I am going to share with you my little piggy….he is a special little foot piggy because he not only loves to worship my feet but he likes it when my feet are dirty and sweaty,and his favorite thing to do is smell my sweaty socks!!

I caught him sniffing my sweaty gym . . . → Read More: Foot Fetish Piggy

Bi Phone Sex Bitch!

Last night I had a bunch of amazing callers….all fun and unique in their own ways but all with a common theme  feminization and\ bi phone sex…I found that really after a bit of conversation it came through with each one of them that i did not truly have to make  them…I simply brought it out . . . → Read More: Bi Phone Sex Bitch!

Sissy Boy Singing for Phone Sex

I simply adore all the sweet sissy boys who call and do anything I ask of them. I find myself giggling and giddy when the sweet totally fem boys call, and I love coming up with new things for my “boys” to do that will make them feel even more feminine! From dressing up . . . → Read More: Sissy Boy Singing for Phone Sex