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Sissy Husband Goes Shopping

I have taken many of my Sissy Phone Sex Callers shopping…but this one was a bit different. He was not out and not living as a true sissy because he was married. He loves his wife dearly and has no intention of leaving her, but is in constant fear his wife will find out he is a sissy husband!

For years he has been Cross dressing wearing her panties, although a bit tight on him he was able to fit them, and when he was feeling extra girly he would also slip into her nighties and stocking’s. He loved the feel of the soft fabric on his skin how it made him instantly  feel so sexy and soft. Once a Month he would take a day off during the week to work from home, and as soon as his wife pulled out of the driveway for work he quickly got dressed in her things, using her makeup and perfume… ahhhhhh now he was his true self a true sissy husband feeling free and sexy!

He told me about leaving the house dressed and how exciting that was..and how scary and exilirating it was…but that he just did not have the nerve to finally go shopping like that and buy himself his very own panties, ones he did not have to steal from his wife. He wanted so badly to be able to browse and decide what style he wanted and what color instead of always stuck with whatever his wife liked.

I then suggested that he bring me shopping with him, at first he did not understand but then I explained to him, call me up and take me shopping I will help you tease you and keep you so occupied with talking to me you wont be scared to be in there shopping and you will have me to help you decide…he was so excited at the thought that he creamed his little panties right then!!

I did not hear from him for a couple days when all of a sudden my phone rang, Guess who he said Mistress? in nervous voice…I instantly knew it was him and said ohhh so nice to hear from you again…then he said in a whisper guess where I am at? I said no clue…then I heard a ladies voice asking my sissy if she needed any help finding anything…and I began to laugh ohh my my my what a brave sissy you are today your at the mall!!!

After telling the sales lady she did not need any help but would let her know if she did, she said to me YES and I am so excited I almost creamed my panties walking in here, she went on about how all the different styles and fabrics were so pretty and sexy…I could hear the fear and the excitement in her voice as we shopped her describing styles and fabrics with me and she ended up  buying 5 pair of panties 3 pairs of thigh highs and 2 new garter belts.

Leaving the mall my sissy was giddy on the phone with me, saying how good it felt to pick out the things she wanted to wear and how she could not wait to get home so she can wear the new pink garter and stockings and the sexy cheekie panties she bought. I giggled at her excitement and when she got in her car to go  home she thanked me over and over again for making a sissy husbands dream come true! I told her she was welcome but that at some point she would have to come clean with her  wife about his need to be a sissy and how much she wants to be that way with her and go shopping together instead of in secret…..but until then she has me to go shopping with to help her pick out hot sexy things to wear and you all know how much I adore shopping!!!

Ready to go shopping? Take me along!



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