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Role Playing with a Sissy

I love a good role playing phone sex session don’t you? I love to get totally into the role play and enjoy the scenes we set. Following along with the story line being creative and sexy is just so much fun!! With that said let me get onto telling you about a very fun caller of mine, and some of the role plays we have done!

Well there is Dorthea the sweet innocent big breasted mid west girl in the big city just hired for her new job…which of course leads to her wardrobe make over followed by a hot steamy first day of work in her boss’s office..Ohhh sweet Dorthea turned out to be one hell of a good employee and such a great cock sucker too!!!

Then we move onto Bridget the sexy new play boy bunny in the mansion mentored by Kendell the hot blond bunny..the two hot bunnies end up sharing not only a room but a bed…and share some naughty hot bed time fun with Bridget having her nipples sucked so hard she cums in her cute little panties!!

Ahhh and how I love sweet big tits Jill …seems sweet and shy to begin with but once touched in just the right way, in all the right places she turns into one hell of a cock sucking slut,  that got her sweet tight little cherry popped before the end of the night!!

Now there are several more we have enjoyed and I so look forward to more of our hot role play sessions!!!

For your one on one role play phone sex session send me a message on my Yahoo ~~EmpressConstance

Or drop me an e-mail

MistressConstance 1-800-356-6169

2 comments to Role Playing with a Sissy

  • BlondeAngela

    Hi Mistress Constance!
    You are gorgeous!
    Like yourself, I also wear my hair long, beautiful, and blonde, my tresses are appox. 3/4s of the way down my back.
    It was lovely chatting with you on the chatroom.

    I love your blog, and how you enjoy turning femme gay sissies in beautiful feminine ladyboys who love pleasing handsome masculine men.
    They will love learning how to dress, look, and act like beautiful women, and kiss and hug with handsome masculine men, and suck men’s cocks, and be taken as a lady in their back pussies.
    I hope some of them get to actually learn to be lovely female impersonators and meet handsome men, that they can please, and be treated like a lady, and not just discuss it with you.

    Who knows, maybe some of them will take it even further, and go on estrogen and anti-androgens, get their facial and chest hair removed with laser and electrolysis, and have some facial feminization surgery, and breast implants, and transition from male to female. As I did.

    Take care beautiful lady!

    ‘hugs and kisses’
    Lady Angela

  • chuckie

    What a wonderful thought .
    I would like him or them to overwhelm me .

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