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Here you are everyone my answers to your questions and even my advice on some things. To submit your own question use the ask Mistress Tab right here on my blog. *Please note new questions are put in queue to be answered at a later date* If you have a pressing question that needs a quick answer mail me instead.

Dear Mistress:
When I read your posts about the guy having sex with another man for his girlfriend I decided to try it as my girlfriend has the same interest. The night itself went well, my girlfriend had a lot of fun, and there were no problems with our friend and me performing for her.

The problem is that I enjoyed being used by a man more than I thought I would, I think I liked it more than sex with my girlfriend. What do you think I should do? I love her but I want to experience more of what he did to me that night.

It is time to sit down and have a heart to heart with her about how you are feeling; clearly she knows you must have been interested since you did this in front of her. You need to express that bi curious side of you and how much you enjoyed it. Do not hide this nor sneak around behind her back that never turns out well. Please do consider though that by telling her this she may re think your relationship and is the desire to do that again more powerful that what you have with her?

Dear Mistress:
I love my husband but I also have been aroused by the idea cuckolding since I was younger. Do you have any advice on how I could broach the subject with my husband without making him think I want to cheat on him or replace him?

I would suggest you start out with cuckolding porn, tell him you found this hot clip online and wanted to watch more and get his thoughts. See how he reacts to it if he is disgusted by it let it go. If he gets turned on in any way and please feel free to help him get turned on. Ya know hand job while watching or blow job while watching may make him think ohh fuck this is what turns her on and makes her want to do this imagine if she was with the other guy. Once you see his reaction you can then discuss why it is so hot and how you feel it would be fun to try some time. If you’re watching it leads to sex mention it while fucking see what reaction he has and after you get that reaction you will know how far to push. Good Luck do let us all know how it turns out!

Dear Mistress:
After swearing me to secrecy a female friend of many years revealed to me that she is a transsexual. I have always had those unimportant male thoughts about her but since she told me that she has a penis I have been thinking about her more and more. The problem I’m having is that since I didn’t feel this way about her last week my new attraction to her is based completely on her genitals, which I don’t think is fair to her. Do you have any advice on how I can go back to viewing her as a friend rather than just a good-looking woman with a dick?

Again I will take the stance of honesty is the best policy. Sit down with her and say that you were surprised yet honored that she shared that with you and that no matter what you will always be her friend. BUT that ever since she told you her secret you have not been able to stop thinking about her and what’s between her legs and you wanted to be totally honest with her because you didn’t want her to pick up on that and mistake it for not being accepting of who she is.

She as a transgender should encourage open dialogue and honesty with those she feels close enough to trust with such a secret. She also as a transgender has probably sensed a shift in relationship’s once she has shared the secret and naturally may think it is about you not approving or being disgusted rather than intrigued and curious as you are. Hope it all works out do let us know how it goes.

Dear Mistress:
Do you think men would be improved if they had a second penis? Like a smaller, spare one?

No!! One dick is enough holy crapola can you imagine if dudes did have 2 dicks that’s even LESS flow to the brain making them do wilder more outrageous things when horny! So no one dick per man is how I like it!

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