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Pain Slut punishment: How I punish them

So recently I had a very fun call with one of my pain slut pets and I was enjoying putting him through his paces when I said something like you better not cum or I will. Then it hit me I will what? Just how will I punish a pain slut?

Pain Slut loves spankings and such

So most pain sluts love to be spanked so that’s no punishment. Some enjoy ball kicking and some cbt, again that’s not punishment for them. The more I would slap, kick, or beat them the hotter a pain slut will get, so how should they be punished?

Denied orgasms as punishment

This wouldn’t work either because most pain sluts I know don’t get to cum when they like anyways. Orgasm denial as punishment only works when it really is a hard ship and out of the normal for them. In the case of this pain slut or most pain sluts that call me denying him an orgasm is no big deal…..then it hit me how I could punish him that would make it hurt!

Denied his Mistress

Yes that’s right to punish a pain slut and really make it hurt I will deny him me. This would apply to others who are on denial and such as well and sometimes used as only an extreme punishment. Denying them the pleasure of talking to me, mailing me, interacting with me in any ways is the only way to truly punish them. Now if I wanted to really make them feel the punishment of Mistress denial I would still make them call me but they would get ignored. So before you think how could she punish me and thinkĀ  you can be cheeky and get away with it….imagine your days without contact with me and think twice hehehehe.

pain slut punishment


A Thankful Mistress appreciates you all

So here I am the day after my birthday and feeling blessed and thankful for all my many amazing fans and followers and clients. Of course I have to thank you all for it and what better way than writing a blog

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Birthday week ask Mistress post

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Birthday fun is almost here!!!

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