Live tonight at 8 pm Kink Korners Last show of 2014

HI there everyone!

Well this year has flown by I don’t even know where it went! Due to the Holiday’s falling on Wednesdays this year tonight will be my very last kink korner cock radio show of 2014 and  you sure do not want to miss it!

When is it happening?

Tonight live at 8 pm eastern

Where is it happening

Live on cock radio and of course in the kink chat room

What can you expect?

Well you can expect my sexy voice and fun laugh that is for sure! Also my music tonight will be holiday themed but not your traditional white Christmas and such it will be silly holiday songs and fun things including this years holiday silly poem from me.

Why should you come?

Simply put because I said so!!! heheheheh no really because it will be your last chance to have some fun with me before the end of the year. Everyone who comes to my live shows always has a good time or at least know better than to complain if they didn’t hehehehehe! I have been doing Kink Korner with the exception of a few breaks here and there for over 4 years I think it is more like 5 years now!  I love having fun with all you and enjoying a fast and furious fun filled hour.

Who will be there?

well I am sure many of the enchantrix empire regulars will be there along with other fun play things and I am hoping that the sexy Ms Kaylee will be there after all she is pretty much the sexiest one there!! If you miss the show you can find a full recap of it on enchantrix empire when jemmie puts up the weekly kink korner wrap up blog so don’t fret if you cant make it….BUT do everything you can TO make it because a good time is sure to be had!



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