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Valentines Day Special Kink Korner

We all know Valentines day is right around the corner so On Feb 10th 2016 I will be turning kink korner into a Valentines day edition. You all get to participate and join in on the fun by sending me your Valentine for your Mistress or Mistresses as the case may be and hell even for your fellow chatters if you like!

Write it

If you would like to write something like a poem or just some sweet words of admiration for your Mistress or whoever you choose just send it to me by 12 noon on the 10th to Please keep it on the short side so that I wont have any issues getting them all read in the hour we have

Record it

You can also feel free to record your Valentine and send it to me to be played during my live keep in mind now that it is a podcast it will be included in the recording and there for all to hear. This means if your Mistress or the lady you sent yours too didn’t come to the show they can still listen to it and hear it. Send these to me by 12 noon on the 10th as well

Naughty Realm

Of course after my show Ms. Hannah will be hosting her weekly show and she has not told me yet what she is planning but I know she is cooking up something fun to celebrate Valentines day a little early on the same night!


Kinky Play Online and staying safe

Now I know when you read about kinky play and being safe your thinking of safe words and being careful not to hurt yourself. What I want to discuss is how to have your kinky world online but not have it mix with your vanilla world and how to stay safe while online.

E-mail . . . → Read More: Kinky Play Online and staying safe

Ask Mistress my weekly advice/opinions blog

Happy Hump Day everyone! Here you are my weekly Ask Mistress blog with your questions and my answers/opinions. This weekly blog post has been going strong for the last year and I will keep it going as long as you all keep the questions coming. To submit your question use my Ask Ms Constance . . . → Read More: Ask Mistress my weekly advice/opinions blog

Ask Mistress my 1 year anniversary

WOW I have been doing my Ask Mistress posts for a full year now and I have never had a shortage of questions to answer….for that I must thank all of you!! I had no idea when I came up with this idea last year that it would last this long or that you . . . → Read More: Ask Mistress my 1 year anniversary

Cross Dressing have you ever been busted?

So this morning I woke up with thoughts of cross dressing men on my mind and wondered how many of you who enjoy slipping into womens clothing have been busted by someone in their life?

Cross dressing is fun

We all know that when a man slips into something feminine like lingerie or a . . . → Read More: Cross Dressing have you ever been busted?