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Tonight’s the night sissy pageant time!

Woo hooo we are finally here tonight is the night for the Sissy Pageant! I am so excited because so many sissy girls posted their picture on enchantrix empire for us Mistresses to vote on and man is the voting ever close!!!!!

 2 hours of chat and radio

Starting at 8 pm eastern I will be live on Cock Radio and I will be on for the full 2 hours! I will also be in the adult chat room where you can come hang out and interact with me and other ladies.

I will be hosting the pageant and it will be so much fun I have some questions for the sissy girls…..and I will even be sharing the pictures that they sent in to be judged

 3 different winners

Yes we are not just giving away one prize we are giving away three! One for the sluttiest sissy and boy was that hard to choose! One for the cutest sissy and it is looking like a no brainer for this one…..and one for the classiest sissy another tough choice. Each winner will receive a custom made gift basket with donations from a few of the Mistresses….they are pretty fucking amazing!

Join me and some of the sexy ladies from 8-10 see you all there!


Virtual phone sex here I come

Yup you read the title correctly I am now taking sessions in the virtual world! I have been a part of the virtual reality group of ladies for some time but held off on taking sessions but that’s done and I am ready to rock!

Virtual phone sex has perks

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Sissy Pageant it almost here

Hey there girlie girls…..this is just a reminder that the sissy pageant is almost here! If you are a sissy or cross dresser and you love to show off how you look than get your picture uploaded on enchantrix empire ASAP!

Pictures must be in by

March 23rd so that the ladies of LDW . . . → Read More: Sissy Pageant it almost here

Un-plugged day for me

Hey hey hey everyone just wanted to let all of you know that I am unplugging for the day. What does this mean to you all? Well I wont be online at all for any reason. In Fact this post was written yesterday and scheduled for today.

Tweets will still go out because I . . . → Read More: Un-plugged day for me

Mistress Knows Best

Today we will discuss how trusting your Mistress to know what’s best for you is the way to go. Before anyone reading this gets any ideas this is not about YOU just a topic I want to discuss.

The perks to long term Mistress relationship

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