The Haunted Kink House continues

The Haunted Kink Tour Continues with hot wax

Ms. Kaylee has led you to this room dimly lit by candles and you have begun the almost impossible task of edging in the never ending wall of pocket pussies… are thrusting and pumping into each tight rubber pussy 20 times hoping the next will be the one that lets you escape this room and suddenly on your 19th thrust into your 50th pocket pussy the door begins to open….you slip your now aching throbbing cock out of that pocket pussy suddenly you’re frozen unable to move and to your horror one of those candles floats through the air hovering over your throbbing cock and you feel your cum filled balls being pushed forward by invisible hands and drip drip drip the hot wax lands on your full balls causing you to scream out in pain……….you hear my wicked voice…you had the pleasure of the pocket pussies now you have experienced the pain of hot wax on those balls…..proceed to the next room if you dare

Do you dare enter the next CFNM room

You stand there uncertain of what you fate will be if you enter the next room… but decide to move forward and not risk more hot wax dripping down on you…the second you step inside naked and stiff you suddenly see a dozen sexy women staring at you…all dressed in sexy clothing while you’re naked and vulnerable and they chant stroke stroke stroke stroke…and without realizing it your hand has moved to that cock and you begin to stroke to the rhythm of the chant…you hear laughter and comments about how hard and horny you are “look at him so hard” I bet he wishes he could cum” ohh my don’t lose your load stroker…the laughter erupts and a door opens and you must walk through the room in front of all those sexy women naked stroking your cock to get to that open door…suddenly you feel them all shoving you to the next room

 You are shoved into the next cum eating room

You fall forward your hand almost glued to your cock you try to let go but you can’t some invisible force is keeping your hand stuck and stroking…your mind is racing and suddenly the room begins to spin…without the ability to brace yourself you fall on your back as the room spins around over and over you feel your cock being stroked faster and faster….you know that if this continues you will cum but you can’t stop………..the stroking begins to increase and you feel yourself losing your load and suddenly while spinning and stroking and without warning your cock explodes…………..huge white ropes of cum begin to spray out and to your horror they are coming right at your face and splat the first rope hits your cheek and you yell out nooooooooo and as you do you realize you can’t close your mouth and the cum begins to land on your tongue and in your wide open mouth……you taste that salty cum and realize all you can do is swallow it… hear laughter and are embarrassed by what you have done and suddenly the room stops spinning and a door opens

You escape….Feminized

You rush into the open room just glad to have the ability to move again and when the door shuts behind you the lights go out…you’re standing in a pitch black room unable to see your way out… begin to smell a woman’s perfume…. a scent that excites you and you are unable to move once again suddenly things start to swirl around you and you feel yourself being dressed once again……you entered this haunted kink house clothed so you think you will leave it fully clothed and just as you sigh in relief a door opens and you see the light from the carnival and without warning the floor moves thrusting you out the door……………….and to your horror you are in front of a full length mirror outside of this haunted kink house for all to see fully feminized dressed from head to toe in women’s clothing including heels and a wig, you turn to see a group of ladies standing there laughing and pointing at the girlie man……..You hear me say I hope you enjoyed your trip through the haunted kink house come again if you dare hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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