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Ask Mistress with Audio update on future posts

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Here is my weekly ask Mistress post and if you don’t see your question just be patient it will be coming soon. Also please be sure to listen to the attached audio because it is an update on these weekly posts and unlike audios before it is not an audio of the post itself and worth listening too if you dig this blog. As Always please feel free to submit your questions to me by using the tab on my blog Ask Ms Constance

Dear Mistress:
The truth is that I have never been confident around females. I look okay and can sort of get along and all but underneath I feel a weakness and lack of confidence. I feel this relates mostly to penis size. I am probably not “tiny” but am certainly “small” (I guess some girls might say tiny but others would say small). While some girls will be “nice” about it or say nothing at all – it always, always feels like they notice and care. I heard one female simply say “I really like manly men and I like to be “all filled up”… Some women are more open about it but honestly I feel like most women feel that way on the inside. While it is a touch subject and I like women to be “nice” I feel like there is a big part of me that wants a female to just be totally open on this and say “Of course you do not feel confident with women. You could not feel that way. You are a little guy where it counts and inside yourself you know this – even if you are totally dressed”. My question is – is it common for guys to want to hear this (even if it stings?). And if a woman thinks a guy is “well sized” does she usually say so or mention it are some point if they are in bed? Do you “compliment” or let a man know if you think he is well endowed?

Common is all relative to the world you are in… my kinky world it is common for small penis guys to want to hear such harsh things. In the ever day world I don’t think so. Yes when a woman likes a dick or it is large and nice we are always quick to say so.

Dear Mistress:
How could I safely go about living out a gangbang fantasy?

I would say by doing it with people you know and trust already. Doing anything with people you don’t know can be risky also condoms are important when having group sex. Use your big head and not your little one when living this out

Dear Mistress:
Who Loves You?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm geesh I dunno who hmmmmmmmmm maybe YOU hehehehehe

Dear Mistress:
What did you think the first time you tasted semen?

To be honest I don’t recall, what I do recall is the thrill of giving the blow job and having him praise me and realizing just how much power I had with his dick in my mouth. With that said I don’t recall any good or bad reacting to the cum itself

Dear Mistress:
Is there any behavior that you consider is simply taking advantage of a submissive, in a bad way?

Anything that would put the submissive in harm’s way or cause him or her damage either physically emotionally or financially. So not caring about the submissives world or life outside of us and making or pushing them to do things I know could ruin them or hurt them in some way would be taking advantage of them

Dear Mistress:
What is it like having sex with a group of men?

What makes you think I have had sex with a group of men? I have had a couple guys and me but it was not always about me…but a group of men? Oh that is not me sunshine not my thing LOL I would however be happy to direct the sex with a group of men….but they won’t be fucking me

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Foot job have you ever had one

Today we are talking about pretty feet and the men who love them…..ya that’s YOU I see you getting stiff reading this and hey I encourage you to enjoy my sexy feet. What I would really like to know is have you ever had a foot job?

Foot Jobs are fun

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Cross Dressing guys what’s your habit

It is no secret that I enjoy cross dressing guys in fact I love them! I appreciate how it makes them feel to be wearing women’s clothing and exploring a softer more sensual and yes even their slutty side. What I would really like to know is your habits when cross dressing.

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Hump Day questions and answers

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Masturbation Assignment: Track your jacking

Here is something for all of you who love a good masturbation assignment and although it may make you have to do a little work for it….I think the end result and the facts after will be fascinating and give great detail as to your masturbation habits

How to participate

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