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Role play vs storytelling the difference

So I have done many many many calls here at ldw and some of my favorites are role play calls and storytelling calls but I think sometimes they get confused and thought it would be wise to break down the difference

Role play calls

When you call me and ask for a role play type phone session and then proceed to give me some of the details you would like included I typically run with it. I like to use the information you gave as well as put my own spin on it. Here is the key to the role play….you have to play a role. Role play is a give and take with each of us taking on a role and going with it interacting and having some hot fun.

Storytelling calls

These are just as fun as role play calls but you don’t interact. You let me know what you want to hear and things you like and I spin a sexy story out of it and you sit back and enjoy. Storytelling can be totally fantasy or it can be things I have done in real life and sharing with you. Storytelling phone sex is best for those of you who do not want to add to it or find it awkward.

The difference

As I shared roleplaying means you have to participate…telling me what you want in a scene and asking for a role play will lead me to leave silent spots for you to interact and say your part and when you don’t I continue on….that’s when it turns into a story telling phone sex session. So that’s the difference roleplay you interact and play your part…storytelling you sit back relax and enjoy the hot story. If you have any questions please feel free to ask I am happy to help.

role play vs storytelling


Submissive guy and what I expect

So you are a submissive guy and you enjoy giving up control to a woman in charge such as myself. I love that I truly do in fact I thrive on having that control but there is one thing to being submissive and another to be mindless and mush….I will explain more

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Planning for some fun things

Hi there everyone just a quick blog post today to let you all know we have some plans happening for some fun things for May! Of course may being Masturbation May we must truly celebrate

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Virtual world fun

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Sissy Slut appearance and duties

So my sissy slut cuckold suggested I write a blog about the duties of a sissy slut along with their attire and what is expected of them as far as how they look…excellent topic so here it is

sissy  body

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