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Submissive with a small penis

As many of you know I do a weekly advice blog where I answer and give my thoughts to the questions sent in to me from all of you readers. Well there seem to be a ton of submissive men with small dicks questions and if their small penis might make them more submissive. So here are my thought on it

Do you have a small penis

First lets determine what is considered small…and we wont go by my size queen standards we will go my the average penis size. The average dick is 3.6 inches soft and 5.2 inches hard. Now measure your dick and see how it rates….anything under that 5.2 is below average but that’s not saying it is small. If you ask me anything under 4 inches would be small….and the more you go under 4 inches the more tiny you truly are

Submissive with a small dick

Now just because you might have a small penis does not mean you are submissive, but in my life time I have only met 2 men who had small dicks that were NOT submissive and that leads me to believe the majority of men who have a tiny penis probably lean towards the submissive side. I am not saying they are slave or humiliation junkies but they probably are not acting all macho and Mr Man like either.

Small dicks and being a submissive goes together

Here is my theory on why guys with small dicks are submissive…..well lets face it you cant put your cock where your mouth is so to speak…meaning you cant be all studly and cocky with the ladies when your packing a less than average dick. In fact if you did behave that way and a woman got you into bed to find your tiny penis she would probably be very very disappointed and in fact even a little annoyed. Not all women are like me and wouldn’t have an issue saying what the hell?!?! Most will just give you a pity fuck and never talk to you again.

Do women share partners penis size

YES we do in fact when we fuck a guy with either a large or tiny penis the first thing we do is tell our friends. Trust me when a friend of mines says well I slept with so and so and he had a tiny dick I am all like what the fuck he is so hot looking it is false advertisement!!! I feel ripped off for them and say well I know you wont be seeing him anymore!

Better to be submissive then cocky

S if you are a guy who has a tiny penis it is better for you to be submissive and a pleaser in all things because honestly you wont satisfy a woman in bed with just your penis. So own it….don’t be a cocky jerk off pretending you have this or that and can satisfy a woman…..tell them I may not be huge but I sure love to lick pussy. Your chances of being with a woman are much greater by doing that then being a loud mouth small dicked loser.

submissive with small penis


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