Explosive Orgasm: what would you do to have one?

I love to have you stroke and edge and build up an explosive orgasm for me…but what I want to know is just what would you do for that explosive orgasm? Would you push you limits? Would you do just about anything in order to finally be granted that explosive orgasm?

Denial for an explosive orgasm

Lets say you are on the edge of cumming and you are begging me to cum and I throw out that you have to agree to a month of full on no touching denial in order to have that orgasm….would you do it?

Suck a dildo

Imagine you stroking and pumping your horny denied cock and I suddenly say you can have an orgasm but you must first suck that dildo you have and deep throat it? Would you suck a dildo for an orgasm?

Give up all control

Now you are on the edge pre cum is dripping out of that horny cock and I tell you that I want full control of that cock for 2 weeks. I get to tell you when and where to touch and how to touch and you have no say about it. You can not argue or make excuses with me  you have to say yes Mistress and do as your told. Would you give me full control like that for an explosive orgasm?

Cross Dress

What if I told you the only way you got to have a full explosive orgasm was if you cross dressed for me no not a full outfit but perhaps panties and stockings for a week under your regular clothes. Would you do it? Would you even consider a little erotic humiliation for an orgasm?

Cum eating on web cam

If you were given the choice of being denied an orgasm or having an orgasm, but if you have it you must clean up every last drop of cum on web cam for me…would you do it? If you were informed before you agreed you must clean it all up and if you try to fake it or I feel as though you are not eating all that cum you will be denied for 3 months but have to stroke every fucking day……………….what would you choose the orgasm and eating your cum even though you think it is too kinky, or continued being denied that explosive orgasm?

explosive orgasm

What would you do for that explosive orgasm?



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Sexting with your Femdom Mistress is fun


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What is sexting

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