Cock Radio

I am finally back….for good….I hope

So I am back up and running after days with no power at all and a week with no cable I am finally back and online!

I will be writing better blogs soon but wanted everyone to know it is time to have some fun or just chit chat whatevs cause I missed you allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

On for calls

Hey all I am on for calls today…still dont have internet or cable so no mails ….no texts ….no skype but you can catch me for a short time right nowwwwwww.

Used my phone to post this so please dont say whyyy for no mails and such just cause I posted this.

Ms. Constance and a Much Awaited Update

Greetings to all of Ms. Constance’s sissy girls, sluts, and other admirers!

Obviously, I’m not Ms. Constance! I just hacked her blog (haha!) to pass along a quick message. She’s been thinking of you all. She’s safely home after that tumultuous storm. Fortunately, she has power but is still without Internet. 🙁 As soon . . . → Read More: Ms. Constance and a Much Awaited Update

Fuck Irma…what to expect from me

So most of you know I live on the west coast of Florida and hey there just happens to be a hurricane out there threatening Florida! Yay…NOT!! I think Irma is a bitch and I am hoping she disses Florida and just keeps on rolling. What this post is about is to update you . . . → Read More: Fuck Irma…what to expect from me

My answers to the 25 kinky questions

I thought it would be fun for me to answer the 25 kinky questions I asked of all of you…….mind you I will change female to male for those few questions….enjoy

Have you ever had anal sex giving or receiving? Yes I have given many times in fact love fucking a man with my . . . → Read More: My answers to the 25 kinky questions