Chronic Masturbation is sometimes a good thing

I discussed on a blog some time ago about how I turned someone into a chronic masturbator and how it was driving them wild. Well in this case chronic masturbation is a very good thing.

Still edging along

My sweet chronic masturbation slut is still going strong edging daily and is reaching orgasm edges totaling in the 50’s per day! Yes every day although we have it split up in the day typically morning edging and evening edging they are reaching no less than 50. I love how it has taken on a life of its own now and how without the edging the day just does not seem right.

Why chronic masturbation is a good thing

Well for me it has been positive having them edge so much turning them into a horny stroker slut who longs to touch that cock and stroke and pull and tug. The changes that have come about due to the constant masturbating is  they are always turned on and who has them turned on? ME! Yes every stroke every edge has me on their mind and that right there is a great thing!

Keep up the stroking

We will continue on with the stroking every single day and I will be increasing the time spent stroking in the up coming month to make those edge totals reach 60 per day. Think about it….close to Cumming right on the edge of orgasm 60 times a day!! Yes that’s enough to drive anyone wild and make them horny for everything! This chronic stroker cant leave the house without finding something that turns them on even during their boring chores and basic errand runs and what better way to spend your days than to be constantly horny and ready for some jerking off?!

Want to be pushed

Do you want to be pushed? Does the idea of stroking for me every day making a pre set goal of edges make you horny? Well time to get on the phone with me and lets set up your masturbation routine and see if I can make you into a horny masturbating pet too!

chronic masturbation mistress constance


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