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Welcome to another week of my ask Mistress questions and answers…I so love doing these so keep them coming just submit your question and check back every Wednesday to see if yours got answered yet.

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Dear Mistress:

Why do you think big cocks are so much fun and why do you think guys can be attracted to cocks but not to other men as a whole?

Well being that I am a size queen I can say without a doubt that big cocks are so much fun because they get the job done…they fill me they satisfy me and leave me sore in a good way.

I think guys can be attracted to cocks well because they are fucking hot and because part of the excitement is they shouldn’t want them and anything we are supposed to not have is exciting. I am also going to ask a question in my answer….why are any of you guys reading this that are attracted to cocks interested in them?

Dear Mistress:
Have you ever used a bull right in front of a cuckold as a reward/punishment for them?

What do you mean by used a bull? I have fucked many a bull in front of a cuckold but not as a punishment and lets face any time a cuckold gets with me IS a reward hehehehe

Dear Mistress:
Why are you so brilliant?

Well I was raised by a brilliant woman who instilled in me patience tolerance and love and I like to share that with those who are in my world….life is too short to be anything but brilliant…oh and Thank you!

Dear Mistress:
You wrote in response to a question about doing two-mistress strap-on calls that you used the callers with your strap-ons.

Is that how you view all strap-on calls and callers, or two-mistress strap-on calls, as you using them with your strap-ons?

Using them for what? What if the caller doesn’t get into the idea of being used, has a completely different feeling about strap-on play, thinks you do too, and finds the idea of being used demeaning?

Do you still enjoy the call? Do you tell him you look at it as using him with your strap-on?

Okay this is like a few questions in one sooo wooooo let me break them down. No I do not view every two mistress strap on call as using them but most of my two mistress strap-on calls have been just that but that is not EVERYONE.

Using them as in the sense of we are getting off on using their mouth and ass to fuck and they love it! I think you are reading too much into my answer and taking it personally remember my answers are for everyone not just one section and when 1000 guys love being used by a two mistress strap on session and only say 2 don’t and find it demeaning well I will write for those 1000 not the 2……BUT rest assured I would never put the “using” name on a client who finds it demeaning or doesn’t like it in fact I have a few who it is not using or demeaning with and it is sensual and erotic and hot and has nothing to do with using.

Of course I still enjoy the call again I will say each call is different and each caller gets from me what he is seeking whether being used or being made love too I would never ever USE him if that’s not what he wanted.




Submissive smart ass are you one?


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Mistress Kaylee’s Birthday Bash coming up


HI there everyone!

Some of you may or may not be aware that our very own sexy Mistress Kaylee is having a birthday next week, and in honor of that birthday I am throwing a birthday bash for her during my weekly cock radio show!

Time and place

Wednesday May 27th at . . . → Read More: Mistress Kaylee’s Birthday Bash coming up


Sissy Masturbation Techniques all sissies should try


In honor of Masturbation May I have been posting techniques here on my blog. It just suddenly occurred to me I have yet to do a few sissy masturbation techniques! So of course here I am fixing that right now!

Sissy masturbation should be different than jerking off

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My answers to some pretty awesome questions


I enjoyed answering the questions this week that you all sent in, I like have the real open exchange about things that this weekly blog lends itself to and I do hope you all keep sending in those great questions….to submit one go to my ask mistress tab here

Dear Mistress:

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