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Ask Mistress is back

I am sure you were all missing my post last week for my weekly Ask Mistress questions and I apologize for missing it but my day went sideways. So here I am once again answering the questions you all sent in to me. If you would like to submit your own question remembering to keep it to the point and be sure it is an actual question use my Ask Ms Constance Tab right here on my blog

Dear Mistress:
Do you think a guy’s need or desire to be a cuckold gets stronger over time and are there “phases” of being cuckolded? I have not been what I would call a “full fledged cuckold” (if that is a term) but I have been actively placed in the back row by women who have kept me in the “friend zone” but kept me around actively dating and seeing other guys who are clearly more in the date zone and being told that I have to accept it.

I think that it does grow over time and that once you dip your toe into the cuckold zone you will want more. As far as the friend zone well that’s just how it is when you’re not “fuckable” material.

Dear Mistress:
Do you, or have you ever, liked to watch boxing, such as a much anticipated title fight? How about watching other combative sports, such as mixed martial-arts that you see in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)? Mixed martial-arts such as the UFC has a large female fan base, helped in part by the popularity of women fighters such as “Rowdy” Rhonda Rousey. So are you counted among those women fans? Yes or no, and your thoughts?

Nope not into it at all in fact don’t know anything about it but anytime women are involved it is always better hehehehe

Dear Mistress:
Have you ever been a fan of professional wrestling, even when you were younger? I’ve heard you mention you have bros, so I’m thinking that perhaps as a younger person you might have watched it with them if they had control of the television. Even if you did, whether you liked it or not is a different story.

Nope never have been at all…sorry

Dear Mistress:
What are say, 3 to 5, of your favorite movies of all time? You know the one’s I’m talking about–you may know every line in the movie, but whenever you stumble across it on T.V., you just can resist watching it again.

Willy wonka the original
Air force 1
The notebook
anything with Madea
The godfather

Dear Mistress:
Do you think males who are small or tiny endowed might have a stronger desire to be put in panties?

I think some do but not all small endowed men want to wear panties of course my numbers will be higher than the average womans only because of what I do here.

Dear Mistress:
Do you think males who are small or tiny endowed have to masturbate more than big or average males?

No I don’t think size matters when it comes to playing with yourself

Dear Mistress:
Do you think males who are small or tiny endowed are more likely to feel unequal or submissive to females than big or average males and are women likely more likely to feel that way as well?

I think they probably do because they know they can’t satisfy a woman really and most women who know a man has a tiny dick will take control as if he is less than a man because of his penis size

Dear Mistress:
Do you “D” bed wetters?

No I do not

Dear Mistress:
What exactly does the term “service submissive” mean? I have come across it lately. I myself greatly enjoy doing chores and errands for a woman – even one who is married or who I have nothing to do with romantically or who would be out of my reach. Is that “service submissiveness”?

I would say yes and depending on who they are a service submissive for it could also mean sexual services.

Dear Mistress:
What is the longest someone has ever been locked in chastity for you as punishment for something they did? Did they get “early release” for “good behavior” (as they will do in the prison system), or did they have to complete their full “sentence?”

I first have to say I don’t often lock them up as punishment but the few I have the longest was 1 month and if you did something wrong to get locked up you are not getting out early regardless of good behavior.

Dear Mistress:
What do you think of someone drinking your G Nectar? Too extreme?

Not at all drink away hahahahaha

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Pussy Denial Anniversary!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to my cuckold princess who is celebrating his Third year being denied even being inside of a pussy!!! I just laughed when I read what I wrote “celebrating” most real guys wouldn’t celebrate such a thing but my sissy cuckold sure is!

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hot wax play drip…drip….drip

Dripping of that hot wax onto a set of tied up balls makes me happy and apparently it makes my pet giggle and laugh which of course makes me laugh! I have said this before but I have never met a pain slut who giggled when being put through the paces

I am there

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Black Friday two Mistress special that lasts a week!

Hey there everyone I sure hope your turkey day was a great one!!!! Ms Alyssa and I decided since black Friday is a day of deals that we were going to not only offer a special two Mistress deal for today but for the entire week!!!! We are calling it a cock teasing Christmas!

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