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Kink Korner Fake commercial show coming up

Hey Hey Hey Happy Humping Day!!!!!

As many of you are aware I have a weekly cock radio podcast that I do every Wednesday night at 8 pm eastern. Well I have a special show coming up on March 1st where I will be playing/ reading the fake commercials sent in by my followers. Here is how it will work….

Come up with an idea

It can be about any fake product/show/service whatever you want it to be….listen to the audio attached to this blog for one I did with Wes and cannibal years ago. You can write it and I will read it live on the air… can record it and I will play it on the air….and if you send it to me by Monday Feb 27th I will record it to be played on the air.

If you send in a recording

Please make sure it is no longer than 4 minutes and it is sent into me no later than noon eastern on March 1st. I need time to tag it and make sure it is doable for the show.

Need help

If you are hitting a road block for ideas and want some help I am happy to do so…hit me up via mail or on enchatrix empire and we will work out a time this week/weekend to get together and chat about it.

Tune in

On Wednesday March 1st at 8 pm to hear all the commercial and be sure to join us in chat during the show where lots of fun goes down. Hey if you cant join no worries because it is a podcast it is recorded and you can listen/download it any time you like.


A Ruined Orgasm is better than none

This past week I had a lot of fun with ruined orgasm play and it was a week full of them and those happy to have them. So I thought this is a perfect topic for a blog and how a ruined orgasm is better than none at all.

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Sissy CockSucking Dream

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a session with Ms. Erika and my sissy chrissy and after we were done all the naughty fun Chrissy told us about a dream she had….one she finally remembered for a change. It seems I was in it and there was a lot of sissy cock . . . → Read More: Sissy CockSucking Dream

Kinky Game of word association

Lets have some fun! I was in my bathroom this morning after my shower and looked down and saw a few things and I thought ohh wonder what the first thought people would have if I named them off. So here is a kinky game of word association……leave your answers in the comments

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Happy Valentines Day and winner from my drawing

HI everyone and Happy Valentines day to you al! I hope you all enjoy a smile and some warm fuzzy feelings about someone at some point during your day!

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