Giantess phone sex is so much fun

I am a fan of many phone sex fantasies and one of the more unique ones is a Giantess fantasy phone sex call. There are many types of Giantess play that guys enjoy and below are just a few of them

Shrinking a man

In this fun Giantess shrinking fantasy the man is shrunk down to a tiny little thing. They can be shrunk with a potion or in a freak accident and several other ways. In this fantasy the woman or well Giantess in this case would remain normal sized and it is all about the man being shrunken and tiny.

Gentle Giantess

In this fantasy no matter how the man became the tiny one either by shrinking, or ending up on some remote island where the women are just gigantic! The little man likes for the giantess to be gentle. This can include a little chase of the tiny man who is freaked out, or perhaps the loving care that a Giantess will show for her tiny little guy.

Giantess Trampling

Yes in this type of Giantess call the little man wants to be trampled! I love these calls and  I love to  describe in detail the shadow my foot will cause as it hovers over the frightened little man, how the feel of my foot pressing down on him would make him scream and plead for mercy, and mmmmm squishing him under my toes is always fun!

Sex Toy little man

Now another fun Giantess call is using that little man as my sex toy, I mean after all he is tiny little man only a few inches long, and well perfect for slipping into my pussy and having him dance around causing me to grow wetter and more excited. I love to use a tiny little man as my Giantess sex toy and mmm if they are lucky I will even lick them clean hehehhe

Explore a Giantess call

Now this is a fantasy not many get but for those of you who enjoy it I urge you to give me a call and explore the many ways you can have some fun on a Giantess phone sex call.

giantess constance


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Kinky Play: don’t over think your kink


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Embrace the kinky play

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CumEating are you shy about it I can help


I know that some of you  are curious about cumeating but are a bit shy about telling your partner or even your phone Mistress that you want to try it, well don’t worry I am happy to help you get over that shyness and swallow that cum!

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