Day before Thanksgiving Ask Mistress

HI everyone and Happy Day before Turkey day!!! Of course Wednesdays would not be complete without my weekly Ask Mistress post answering some of the kinky questions you all submitted to me………….if you would like to send in  your own question simply click on my Ask Ms Constance tab right here on my blog.

Dear Mistress:
What is the best way to introduce wax play into my relationship with my husband?

Just talk to him about it….are you wanting to drip it on him? If that is the case than you need to be sure he would even like such a thing. If you want it done to you it may be as simple as baby I want to try wax play it makes me hot to think about you dripping it on my hard nipples. Almost every man depending on the kink will be willing to try their woman’s kink if she explains how hot it makes her….men love making us hot hehehehe

Dear Mistress:
Why is it that submissive men with tiny dickies (or clitties) so often end up in chastity? Is there a size penis (or lack of size) that ‘should’ be required to be locked? Also, what do you think makes us tiny dicked subs desire such control? From your perspective as a Dominant Woman, what is it about having a subbie denied and locked that appeal to a Mistress, and do you think there will be more key holders and locked slaves in the future?

Well I don’t think all men in chastity have tiny dicks…in fact I have some that have rather impressive cocks that have been locked up for me…it is about the exchange of control. No I don’t think all small dicks should be locked but all men small or not that look to have the ultimate in cock control should consider it even if for just a short lock up in chastity. Tiny dick or not I think men like to lose such control to actually have a physical reminder of their Mistress and how much she truly controls them. As for what I enjoy about it well everything I love knowing that a cock small or large won’t even get a full on erection unless I allow it, I control masturbation, sex and everything about those dicks. It is a thrill and a rush for me to have such ultimate control over a man and his sex organ. Also as far as more key holders in the future I think that if more women were exposed to the benefits f chastity there damn well would be….it is something every woman should experience at least once in their life!

Dear Mistress:
If for a sub or sissy is wearing a mask of any type……does it intensify when you slap them or does it change the sensation

I think the fact they are wearing a mask is what would amp up a slap and make it intense, the slap itself is probably less stinging with the mask but not being able to see it coming and be surprised when it hits well that’s intense and hot.

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It has already started our 12 hour Mistress Marathon on cock radio….and the lovely Ms. Cassidy has kicked it off with a bang!!!!

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Happy Hump Day everyone!!! here is my weekly installment of ask Mistress my sexual advice blog. If you would like to submit your question to be answered in an up coming blog post please use the Ask Mistress tab right here on my blog.

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Two Mistress Tuesday come play with us


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