How to become one of my phone sex pets

I am blessed to have many play mates and many phone sex pets to play with day in and day out….and one thing I am always asked is how does one become one of my pets…well here is the answer

First step to becoming my pet

The very first thing you need to do is contact me you can do this via the phone or by yahoo IM or e-mail or any of the various social media platforms I am on. Be clear in what it is you enjoy on the phone and what your expectations may be

Second step to becoming my pet

TRUST ME yes trust me be free to share all your kinks and desires and trust in me that I will hold them with the upmost respect and satisfy all yoru kinky needs. Once this is done we can discuss setting up phone sex session that fit your budget and your life style

Third step to becoming my pet

Give yourself to me….to be called MY PET you must be mine that means I cntrol your cock, your orgasms, your everything! To be my pet does not mean denial or chastity but it does mean you wont be jerking off and cumming when you like, I must control your masturbation habitsĀ  in order for you to become my pet, now each situation is different and I will work out what is best for you and for me when we first talk.

What you get from being my pet

First of all you get ME! I will treat you with respect and dignity and be attentive to your needs and whats happening in your life. You can also experience the freedom that comes with belonging to someone such as myself. No more worries about your dick or cumming because that dick will now belong to me and I will take care of all those orgasm needs.

You will be treasured and treated well as long as you respect my control and my ownership we will have a long and happy kink life together.


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