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Humping Masturbation

Well the title says it all folks. Humping Masturbation is a thing I know because I make guys hump all the time. Why do I do this? Well because it is fun and a tad humiliating but more important it is fun.

Hand Humping Masturbation

Now this one is easy you just lay on your tummy rock hard cock against the palm of your hand and hump. Imagine you are fucking or something bet it feels good. You can also be a hand humping masturbation slut simply by humping that hand while wrapped around your dick.

Table humping

Have you ever had an erection and rubbed it against the table?  Try it next time you are stiff and horny grind that dick against the table. Hard cock on Hard table = horny humping.

Furniture humping

Oh this humping masturbation is a favorite of mine. The couch arm the couch cushion it good for humping. Just imagine me there watching you bent over humping away. I would have to giggle because of your horny humping but you wont mind will you? Your hard dick grinding on the furniture making you drip and leak! I fucking love that image!

Pillow humping

Yes a pillow from your bed folded in half and ready for humping. This is a great masturbation aide. You can stick your dick in the fold pretend you’re fucking or you can just hump against it. Be prepared to change the pillow case you horny humper because it will get wet.

Is humping masturbation for you

Tell me does the ides of humping masturbation thrill you? Does it make you hard? Do you enjoy a bit of erotic humiliation when masturbating? I know I certainly enjoy it even if you don’t cum it sure is fun. Speaking of not cumming sometimes that’s the fun all that humping masturbation leads to horny aching denial. Oh how I love to leave you hard horny and frustrated and begging!

humping masturbation


Masturbation in Moderation

Since it is Masturbation May I thought what better topic to talk about than well Masturbating. Of course I am in the business of helping you get off by masturbating but there is such a thing as too much.

Masturbation in Moderation

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More results from my poll

Well as you all know I have created a few polls for you all to give me some feedback the first one was “why don’t you call me” which got me some interesting results. I followed that one up with “When do you call” because one of the top things from the previous poll . . . → Read More: More results from my poll

Domination my style

As many of you know I have joined the virtual world and being in there from time to time I always run across someone who has one idea of what they think a dominant woman is or behaves like and I always end up explaining who I am and how I look at domination….so . . . → Read More: Domination my style

Masturbation without orgasm

Many of you know that it is very possible to masturbate without orgasm and have a rewarding side effect………….you stay horny! Not having an orgasm keeps you in the kinky mind set and keeps you horny and on edge so to speak much longer.

Once you cum that ends the fun

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