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Dear Mistress: Your questions my answers

Well Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!! I know I missed last weeks post due to me being sick and although I am doing better I am still not 100% yet but hey no worries I am answering your question and have even been on for calls!!! Remember to keep your questions short and sweet and use the ask Mistress tab here on my blog.

Dear Mistress:
Have you ever heard of a guy needing to be made to apologize for being of tiny endowment? In other words to be made to recount specific experiences with girlfriends or women and being made to apologize out loud over and over for disappointing them?

Sure I have and I have even made men apologize for having a tiny dick and wasting my time. It is all a part of humiliation for them which they enjoy and honestly they should apologize for such a tiny waste of time

Dear Mistress:
How can I turn my submissive husband into a proper slave?

If he is already submissive for you than it should be easy simply train him to do the things you want and to NOT do the things you don’t want. Proper slave is relative to the person in charge what I expect from a slave is different from what another expects… simply put train him how YOU want him to be

Dear Mistress:
As the wife in the relationship, how can you ensure cuckolding doesn’t become infidelity? And is there any warning signs of this?

Before you ever started with the cuckolding you should have laid down some ground rules. When the rules are not being followed it is time to reevaluate what’s happening. One rule I always had when I was married and we were dabbling in cuckolding is we never saw a partner alone it was always the two of us together. Warning signs well honey go with your gut and if you have the feeling something is off discuss it openly and honestly.

Dear Mistress:
What are your thoughts on body modification for subbies? How do you feel about things like, ownership tattoos or brands, piercings, shrinking a penis in chastity, shaving or styling body hair and any other open displays of submission?

I am all for it as long as it is a safe sane type of body modification….so nothing like making them pack on pounds or burn their skin and such things that would lead to issues. Piercings were never my thing but that’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy a submissive getting one for me (depending on where) Tattoos I have had some submissive men do that for me with the understanding they are doing it for themselves NOT JUST ME….anything that it permanent and lifelong changes must be done for themselves not for the Mistress.

Dear Mistress:
Do you pre-plan or have a system for what clothing you wear on a given day?

Not at all unless I have something going on or I am going someplace I need to dress a certain way I give very little thought to what I wear on a daily basis I tend to go for cool and comfy most days

Dear Mistress:
When a first time caller like me call for you by Phone on Skype Session how do you like me to be Presented?

It depends on what you are seeking from me but giving your other questions below I would say naked and on your knees

Would you like me to Send you an E-mail of my Chaste Cock prior to the Session?

No because if we have not done a session yet I have no desire to see your penis…after the session I absolutely want to see it

The Day of the session would you prefer me to be as I am or Shaved chest, legs, pubic and ass?

Come as you are the first time once we establish our relationship we would discuss more

Hope it’s Okay by you that I added more than one Question!!!

No worries

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How to handle not being happy with your Mistress

This is a topic that has been mentioned before on our sites and I think we all know that communicating is the key but I wanted to address this specifically as it pertains to me So what should you do if your not happy with me for any reason?

Talk to me

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Miss me no longer for here I am

Yes here I am believe it or not I am online and taking calls today! I know it has been a long stretch since you have seen me logged in and in fact probably the longest time I took a break from phone calls since starting with ldw 7+ years ago…..but I am back . . . → Read More: Miss me no longer for here I am

NO Ask Mistress NO Kink Korner

HI everyone and happy hump day

Although I am continuing to improve I am still needing some time to get better so today I am going to cancel my typical weekly ask Mistress blog post because as you know if my head aint right my answers aint gonna be right. Next week I plan . . . → Read More: NO Ask Mistress NO Kink Korner

Helping me Come back what you can do for me

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