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Sissy CockSucking Dream

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a session with Ms. Erika and my sissy chrissy and after we were done all the naughty fun Chrissy told us about a dream she had….one she finally remembered for a change. It seems I was in it and there was a lot of sissy cock sucking going on as well! I asked her to share it with me so I could post it for all to read…..thank you chrissy

Sissy Cocksucking Dream

In this dream I found myself in a hectic, busy, noisy place, like an airport or business conference, I’m not sure exactly where. Tucked away in an obscure location I noticed an orange door, I went to it, stepped inside and closed the door behind me.

I was in a small foyer which I saw led to a hallway, the lighting was dim, it was warm and peaceful, I immediately felt very relaxed and at ease.

You were standing before me wearing a long floor length skirt, it was black and sat very low on Your hips, each side was slit all the way up so everytime You moved I saw a flash of leg as well as the silver, strappy stilletos You were wearing.

You were also wearing a halter top except Your breasts were fully exposed, the halter only served to push Your breasts way up and out, extremely sexy would be an understatement.

Without being told I knew that I should take off all my clothes and put them in the hamper next to the door, so I did.

You turned and started walking down the hall and I automatically followed. We passed several rooms that were draped with a translucent curtain, I could not hear any noise but I could see silhouettes of people moving behind them.

Finally, we came to an open room with just a chair and a small table beside it, You told me to kneel next to the chair, closed the curtain and sat down.

After You sat down You picked up a small silver bell on the table next to You and rang it. Just then a man came through the curtain sporting a large, erect cock and stood before us.  You took one hand, wrapped it around the cock, put Your other hand firmly behind my head and fed me the cock.  You made sure I took it in my mouth fully and got a rhythm going until he came down my throat. As soon as he was finished he left and You rang Your little silver bell again and another large erect cock entered and we repeated the process.

This happened over and over, I had no idea how many but it seemed to last for hours.

Eventually, another Mistress entered the room dressed similarly to You and said simply, “that’s 27”. You got up said to me “She will take over, I will be back in a while”. I asked , “where are You going?”  You looked at me and asked, “you don’t think all these cocks are just for you, do you?”, and left the room.  I did not recognize the new Mistress and You did not tell me Her name, She simply rang the silver bell and we continued, cock after cock after cock until I woke up.

Sexy Slutty Sissy Chrissy’s legs


Do you have hot dreams that involve me

I know my sweet blue balled pet has had many many hot dreams that have involved me and he shares them with me when he does…very kinky very hot and totally fun! I want to know if you have ever had any type of dream about me that you could remember? Now I must admit through the years I have had dreams about some of my callers….mostly I don’t recall them so hard for me to share what I don’t recall but I do have them *smiles*

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Happy Valentines Day and winner from my drawing

HI everyone and Happy Valentines day to you al! I hope you all enjoy a smile and some warm fuzzy feelings about someone at some point during your day!

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Femdom Friday

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My Last Ask Mistress

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