Chastity Interview with Mistress Rita

This is a Chastity Interview I did with the Lovely Ms Rita read below to see how she feels about locking up a cock and having full control as your key holder.

1.   As a Chastity Mistress, what do you enjoy the most about denying a man or locking them into a chastity device?

There is honestly so much that I enjoy about denial and chastity. But much like life in general… It’s the little things that really make the experience for me… That look of ecstasy/panic JUST after the lock clicks shut… The desperation that seems to swell up about day five and then ebb for a little while before coming back stronger than ever…


2.   What do you expect out of your chastity pets once you have them locked up?

The same thing I expect of all my subbies and pets… Communication and dedication.


3.   In your opinion, what is the most important thing that a chastity pet gets out of the relationship?

I really think that there is serious opportunity for personal growth. Developing not only restraint but focus.


4.   What qualities do you look for in a chastity pet?

Honesty and communication. I think it’s really important to build a relationship BEFORE locking anyone up… It’s such an intense thing to really turn yourself over to someone else on that level, not to be taken lightly.


5.   Do you prefer short lockups or long term?

Depends on the situation and our goals… There is something very fun about keeping someone locked up just long enough to make them desperate; but if I’m looking to develop something deeper in my pet… Sometimes that takes a little longer. ;)


6.   Do you plan a lockdown with a definite term in mind or do you prefer to “play it by ear”?

Again, it depends on the situation… If it’s a punishment or purely for tease, I generally have a period of time in mind. If we’re working toward a goal, then it depends entirely on your progress.


8.   What happens if I change my mind once you’ve locked me up?

Sorry… Locked is locked… That’s why communication is so important beforehand.


9.   What changes can I expect in my life if you lock me into a chastity device?

Frustration, at first… and possibly later. Increased focus and clarity in your day to day life… And finally me, being on your mind even more than before.


11. Of all the pets that you’ve put into chastity devices, approximately what percentage will slip or otherwise not complete their term?

I’ve only ever had one pet renege, he was my very first chastity pet and it was a long time ago. I’d agreed to take him on and without knowing as much as I should have about chastity or the mental side of it. Afterwards I did a lot of research and ensured that I was much better informed and knowledgeable before I agreed to put another pet into chastity.


12. Since you don’t hold the actual keys to the device, how can you be sure that your chastity pet isn’t cheating?

I really like the numbered plastic lock. I can check to make sure that the lock hasn’t been cut off or tampered with, but in an emergency medical situation my subbie would be able to free himself.


14. Being locked in chastity is difficult. How do you as the Mistress provide guidance and maintain your pets to keep them on the path?

It’s super difficult! I think it’s my job to make sure my subbie is getting the most from his experience as possible… Both with regards to the sensuality and sexuality aspects as well as the personal growth side of things. I help to minimize the frustration… except of course when I tease.


15. What are some of the day to day difficulties that I’ll experience if you lock me up?

Again, there will definitely be some frustration… As well as the constant little reminders of your situation, knocking the cage against the table when you stand up, figuring out how to shower all over again…           


16. In your experience, what signs do you look for that would indicate that a locked pet might be having trouble?

For me there are two big red flags: A bad attitude. There is a difference between being frustrated and being ornery… and that leads to the second thing.. Lack of communication, it’s so so so important to keep the lines open… and I’ve found that sometimes when a subbie is having trouble, rather than risk disappointing their Mistress, they will shut down…

To find out more about Chastity Mistress Rita check out her blog here

Chastity Mistress rita


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