A discussion about transgender

I want to be clear as to why I am writing this blog……….it is not for advertisement of services or to make light of any transgender situation this topic is near and dear to my heart and coming off the widely publicized Bruce Jenner interview it is a great time to discuss this issue.

Being Transgender is not a choice

I have heard this so many times and I believe that deep down in my soul, this is not a life style choice one can turn on and off or even have a say in….it is simply who they are period. I have personal experience with this issue with someone very close to me and I can tell you if it was a choice they certainly wouldn’t choose this struggle and battle……to wake up every day not wanting to look at yourself in the mirror because your brain is one way and your gender is another is just excruciatingly hard and certainly not something someone would CHOOSE.

But I am a phone sex Mistress

Yes I talk about such things on phone calls and make a living off the sexual side of this issue, but it does not mean I think it is a joke or that I take it lightly in any way….when you read about me making light of it know that it is exactly what the person calling me wanted. I have also been a sorta counselor to those who just want to talk to someone who understands and wont judge. As with everything I discuss there is no one set way I feel about anyone or anything so don’t think because of what I do for a living that I am insensitive or exploiting the issue in any way.

The Interview

After watching the interview last night and hearing opinions from all over the internet, I have come to the conclusion that no matter what you think of him or the media circus surrounding him he brought something to the masses that only his fame could make happen. He shared a very brave decision he has made and what I felt the most was I hurt for his struggle….for having to live a lie all his life and feeling out of place………..and although he is older bless him for being so brave and doing this now. Do not let his fame or his current tv situation cloud what the message was…..being transgender is not a choice living a lie is hard and there are so many out there struggling and now even more people have been some what educated in this struggle.

Transgender support

If anyone reading this knows someone who is dealing with a gender issue please help support them, ask questions inform yourself but please do not assume it is about sex or be disrespectful this will hurt them to the core.

I support everyone no matter what gender or any other thing they are going through………just know you are not alone and yes even someone like myself supports and understands you. Please if you need help reach out to local places that specialize in this and get the support and help you might need.

Last thought

Back to the interview a second…….no matter what your opinion of him is or his lifestyle or the media circus surrounding the interview and his decision to make it public…………………………………..one amazing thing has come from it that can save countless people from feeling alone or confused or even worse…………..we are talking about it and that is a step in the right direction.



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