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Cuckold Cock Control and serving me

It is no secret that I have real life experience with cuckoldingĀ  men…..the very first is my ex who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of cuckolding a man. But what I learned from him I took and ran with and before you knew it I was enjoying cuckold cock control.

Cuckold cock control

How does it work? Well the first thing is you submit to being my cuckold and just from doing that you submit to having me in full control of that cuckold cock and everything involved with that dick that is now mine.

Cuckold cock is mine

Yes once you submit and give over control it is mine and I will decide when it gets used and how it gets used. Some experience mental chastity where they may not have a device but they know better than to use that cuckold dick for anything without permission. Then there is cuckold chastity a great way for cuckold cock control and I will hold those keys and decide when it is allowed out of the cage. Either way I have full control!

Cuckold duties

As my totally cuckold cock controlled submissive you will have duties such as pleasing me, fluffing a cock for my pleasure and even cleaning a hot cream pie from my pussy. Some of you might go oh man I don’t want to do those things…..well we should talk because doing those things may be the only type of sexual activity a cuckold of mine will get. I believe that most ( not all) cuckolds should be banned from pussy unless it is to further his humiliation by having him stick his cuckold cock into a cum filled stretched pussy just so he can feel what a real man has done to that pussy.

Are you up for some cuckold cock control

Can you handle a woman like me in total control of that cuckold cock? Denying you as I see fit, having you serve me as I see fit? If you are even the slightest bit interested in cuckold cock control reach out to me lets talk.

cuckold cock control



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