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Sex Toys and Travel share your bloopers

So I was in session the other day with a great slut and Ms Hunter and the slut was on a trip and had to travel. We started to discuss toys and such and this trip the slut had to go shopping because she didn’t want to go through what happened on her last big trip. I am sure you’re wondering oh my what happened? Well I will leave it up to the slut to comment and tell you herself.

Traveling with sex toys

So have you traveled with sexy toys or anything kinky? How did you pack? Were you checked at security? I want you all to share your adventures in traveling with sexy toys and what if anything happened.

Tips for traveling with kinky toys

I don’t travel much these days but I think the one major tip I would share is to just own it. Don’t be freaked out about a dildo or vibrator being found just won it. Smile and wink even. The less you act like you are freaked out the less likely they are to even give it another thought. Do you kinky travelers have any tips for traveling with sex toys?

Wonder what the TSA agents think

I often wonder what the tsa agents who scan your luggage and such think when they see sex toys. I know they probably have seen some wild things pass through. So if you are or know anyone who happens to be a tsa agent ask them or share with us. I have to imagine it is like doctors in the ER they have seen it all and don’t think much of such things.


15 minutes on the 15th for our 15th

Confusing title isn’t it? hahahaha I like fucking with you all! As if you didn’t already hear it al over I am gonna share it right here on my blog. Ms Ally once again is giving it away….phone sex that is

15 years

We have been in business for 15 years and let me . . . → Read More: 15 minutes on the 15th for our 15th

Sluts defined

So today I have sluts on the brain and I started thinking about the many many types of sluts that I talk too so I thoughts I would define the many types of sluts there are in my world. I think many of you will find you are indeed a slut in some way . . . → Read More: Sluts defined

What happens when I am not into your kink

So today lets discuss what happens when you call or reach out to me for a session and it is one of those rare things I am not into.  This happens from time to time but thankfully I am into so much that it is rare for me to say no sorry not into . . . → Read More: What happens when I am not into your kink

Thanksgiving is coming

I am working on my yearly thanksgiving day poem which I will share with all of you hopefully tomorrow night during my kink korner show. I have done silly poems almost every major holiday since I started here and this year is no exception.

I doubt it will be as silly as previous years . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving is coming