Time for answers to your kinky questions

Well here we are at another Wednesday ask Mistress post and I am sharing my answers to your kinky and sexual questions and even your not so sexual ones. If you would like to submit a question to be answered on a blog post in the future please use my Ask Mistress tab right here on my blog.

Dear Mistress:
What would you do if you had a large penis and trance inducing eyes for a whole weekend?

I would fuck everyone with my big cock and make them beg for more heheheh I can see it now legs being spread, people bending over and me banging them all with my big dick!

Dear Mistress:
I am a relatively small endowed guy. I have always sort of thought that. My question is two part. One is all my life I have been both pained and totally thrilled to hear women talk about well-endowed males. Women seem to put these guys or even average guys on a pedestal. Why does it excite me so much to hear girls discuss their love, pursuit, and thrill of endowed males when it is so not what I am?

Secondly, how does it change the social dynamics between a male and female if the guy is small or even tiny? And, can women truly “tell” sight unseen?

My first answer is I think some part of hearing about large cocks is humiliating to you and in some way you get off on the humiliation. Lots of guys enjoy small penis humiliation so it is normal I think when hearing about cocks that are MUCH bigger than yours that it gives you a thrill.

My second answer honestly I can’t speak for all women I can say for me that when I know a guy has a small penis it instantly makes me feel powerful and above him in some ways. So yes I do think it changes things when a woman knows a guy has a small penis.

Dear Mistress:
Are there certain role-plays that you think need to be done over the phone and just wouldn’t work in real life?

Giantess role plays are for sure better done on the phone than in person. That’s probably one of the only ones I don’t see working out face to face.

Dear Mistress:
What was the real world job you quit before you became a phone sex operator?

I worked retail most of my adult life but the job directly before getting into phone sex was working for a private country club.

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