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Edging to a ruined orgasm

I love edging and having a horny stroker edge for me is one of the great joys of my job. Oh but when you have all that horny edging end in a ruined orgasm it can be that much more fun.

What is a ruined orgasm

Well the name is self explanatory you ruin your orgasm. How you do this is up to you and your cock controller but it can be done in many ways like letting go, thumbing it and squeezing it. All of those methods lead to a release but not the explosive moaning and groaning orgasm you want after edging that cock.

Why ruin your orgasm

Well some of you simply like to ruin them because it builds up frustration. It keeps you submissive and horny. It is fun and exciting for you. Oh and there are some who don’t deserve a full on orgasm so they have to ruin those orgasms every time.

Have you ever had a ruined orgasm

So have you ever been walked in on right at the time of orgasm only to feel less than satisfied? Have you ruined an orgasm or more than one for a lady or for fun? How does it feel when you have the release of fluid but not the tingles of a full blown orgasm? Frustrating I am sure hehehehe

schedule to ruin them

Now what do you boys think of a schedule to ruin those orgasms? Something like for every real orgasm you have you need to ruin the next 5? or how about ruin 5 to even get a chance at a real one of course with no guarantee you will get one. Or how about this….no more real orgasms only ruined ones? ohhh I like that hahahaha Of course you will be edging daily leading up to all ruined orgasms hehehehe

Sacred of them

Are you the guy who is like hell no I am not gonna ruin my orgasm for anyone? Do you think it is a slippery slope once you try it you will want it more and more? Do share!

ruined orgasm



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