Cum Eating after Orgasm Denial

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Everyone knows I love when a man is under my control and denied an orgasm…..but did you also know that after a period of orgasm denial that I LOVE to have him eat all of his cum for me!

Denial builds up your cum

Orgasm Denial is a fantastic kink and it does a few things for me that push my hot buttons, like being totally under my control and eager to please doing anything and everything at just a chance to cum and of course the longer the denial the more cum there is when you finally do get release

More cum means more for you to eat……and many times I make deals with denial boys…..IF I let you cum you will have to show me how much you appreciate me granting your release by being my cum eating pet!

Ways To eat your cum

Depending on the person there are many ways I like you to eat your cum for me…….some of the choices I will give you is…. out of the palm of your hand, off of a plate or spoon, off of a sex toy (for those super slutty cum eaters), off of some sort of food item like a cookie or cake and yes even by shooting your cum right into your mouth for me (this one is for those of you who are flexible enough to do it)

I like to watch you eat your cum

After days weeks and even months on my control and ongoing orgasm denial for you I always enjoy when I get to actually watch you on web cam eating your cum for me. This is an extra special thrill and something that makes me super happy. So if you are not too shy and willing to show off for me than I would love to watch you gobble all the jizz up and smile pretty for the camera!

This is not for everyone

I want to be clear although I enjoy cum eating and orgasm denial that ends in cum eating this is not for everyone and although I do enjoy it I will not make every single denial client eat their cum for me………………..but if you are even a tiny bit cum curious I want to discuss it with you and see if we can work out not only a denial plan for you but a cum eating goal!



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